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11 Best "Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight" Memes

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:36 am

Twilight is one of the most hated works of art in the world. Every second person you meet hates Twilight, and God knows how come the franchise has minted millions in revenue. You know hate always leads to ridiculing.  The comment "Still a Better Love Story than Twilight" was born out of strong abhorrence toward Twilight movies and books. An unknown person on a bodybuilding forum first used the remark while he was drawing conclusions between Twilight and Harry Potter movies. He thought J.K. Rowling managed to tell a better love story (Lily and Snape) in just one chapter, which Meyer failed to do even after writing four books. The following are some of the best "Still a Better Love Story than Twilight" memes that are very humorous! 
1.death is better

Yes even a story about war and death is more of a love story than Twilight and surely that is not right? How bad is it when this is a better alternative?

2.A fair point

Well this is certainly a twist because it does appear to be the case that Twilight is better than another love story out there. However, when you look at the couple involved this should not be a big surprise.

3.Gangham style

Yes this scene from the gangham style video shows more love simply because of the way that he lies under him while he does a dance. Yes two guys dancing in an elevator is a more attractive proposition than Twilight.

4.An elbow in the face

This may seem a bit harsh, but there is an idea that even an elbow in the face is better than Twilight and you can kind of see the point that is being made here. There is more feeling and emotion in this elbow than you get in the movie for starters.

5.Two close players

Ok so they may have just made a great play, but even with this peck on the cheek they have surpassed the quality of love story that you get from Twilight. Yes two guys that probably do not even really like one another are better than the movie.

6.Well They Are A Good Fit

Well this one is obvious because they are clearly a perfect fit for one another whereas in Twilight it was like getting a round peg into a square hole. That is the sole reason why even plugs are better at love than Twilight.

Well They Are A Good Fit-11 Best

7.It's even better with geeks

Yes even geeks have a better love story and that is a sad reflection on what could have been a good movie if it had not been crap. At least with geeks you expect it to be awkward, but not as awkward as Twilight.


8.Well it is powerful

The guy here clearly loves the thrust that comes with his motorcycle and realizes that it puts more oomph into it than you get in Twilight. That tells you all you need to know about how lame those movies actually are.

9.Well he is Jabba the Hut

Come on how could any girl resist the charms of Jabba the Hut? Clearly Twilight has absolutely nothing on this guy and his love moves that makes Barry White seem like a novice.


10.Well it is a gorgeous ball

Yes even in moments of absolute desperation it can still be a better love story than in Twilight. That actually shows you how bad it was when a man with a ball is a better proposition.

11.Aww how cute

Well you have to admit that this is very cute and yes it is indeed a better love story than twilight. Lets face it there appears to be more passion in this photo than you will have ever seen in the movies.


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