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11 Best "Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight" Memes

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:36 am

Twilight is one of the most hated works of art in the world. Every second person you meet hates Twilight, and God knows how come the franchise has minted millions in revenue. You know hate always leads to ridiculing.  The comment "Still a Better Love Story than Twilight" was born out of strong abhorrence toward Twilight movies and books. An unknown person on a bodybuilding forum first used the remark while he was drawing conclusions between Twilight and Harry Potter movies. He thought J.K. Rowling managed to tell a better love story (Lily and Snape) in just one chapter, which Meyer failed to do even after writing four books. The following are some of the best "Still a Better Love Story than Twilight" memes that are very humorous! 

#10 A Fair Point

Well this is certainly a twist because it does appear to be the case that Twilight is better than another love story out there. However, when you look at the couple involved this should not be a big surprise.

A Fair Point-11 Best "Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight" Memes



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