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Strangest How-to Books

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 12:54 pm

1.Help For the Well-Endowed

It is sad to think that those men who are well endowed need to meditate in order to deal with their lot? This book is a book full of wisdom for those 'afflicted' with a large penis.

2.Why Not An Hour?

This book basically advises people how to turn on a person and captivate them in 90 minutes or less. 90 Minutes is a strange amount of time if one thinks about it. People ask, 'Why not 60 minutes?' or 'Half an hour?'.

3.Who Knew?

All the things we thought we knew about cats are rehashed. When we thought that cats curling their paws on your knee in a kneading motion was in fact love, it means their plot to get rid of you has just started. People who think a dead rat on the floor is a gift from their cat, it is in fact like the Mafia dead canary, you had better watch out for your life!


Written by a man mostly for men, Nester covers all that is inappropriate. From long chapters about farting to dealing with inappropriate erections this has to be the best manual possible for men.

5.Get Out of Work

This 'How To' book is certainly well worth a read. How many of us are stuck in jobs we hate? How many of us believe that it is hurting us? With all the law of attraction thoughts going around these days, it just goes to show that these ideas are in fact, not new.

6.Very Strange

This book is strange all round. Its focus is primarily around the student Professor relationships that can often happen. Then it also discusses the Internet and where we are in terms of email abuse. The topics are quite interesting, but there is no advice offered at all.

7.The How To in Cocktail Mixes

Published in 1929, this book is a treasure trove of cocktail mixes that were at the time illegal and that is what makes it unusual. There are some great tips on which ingredients to use to make the best cocktails. It also has a genuine vintage feel about it. The books retails at around ?1 200. So, we are not sure how many will be snapped up.


8.Staying Stupid

This is a strange book overall. It focuses on the power of 'not' knowing. For example: if you knew the score in a football match would you watch it? Ignorance is bliss and not knowing things keeps life fun and interesting. The more you know the more boring life becomes. A silly concept that kind of makes sense.

9.Great Xmas Gift

This book could be more useful than you think. Defecating in the woods involves more than one would think. This handy manual outlines how to find a good spot, how to clean up effectively and how to hide your business once completed. This is definitely a great stocking-filler for Xmas as one never knows when one needs to Sh*t in the woods.


10.Easy Steps on How To Be Pope

Just in case you are elected Pope this handy book will advise you first of all on where to go and how to find your way around the Vatican. It also gives handy tips on how to pay bills, how to get your laundry done and how to deal with people in a holy way.

11.Help For The Parents of Dragons

Once you find your little dragon it is then time to learn how to look after him or her. Not all dragons are the same so this book will advise on which dragon might be best for you in regards to temperament. This way you can bring up a well adjusted dragon which is every parents dream.



This book is a little gem for cat lovers, it is beautifully written with perfect grammar and punctuation and explains not only cat language, but includes their physical body language too. The is said to uncover a lot more than what we currently know about cats. So if you really are into talking to your cat this is the book for you.


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