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Strangest People Of Walmart

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 3:00 pm

1.Is He Going To?

These dudes are not showing off their butts but are certainly threatening to do so at any minute. The tension is unbearable, or maybe not depending on your own feelings about this kind of thing.

2.More Butts

More butts on show that probably shouldn't be. The woman on the right still maintains some class and dignity in sheer full back panties? Or maybe not as these pictures have managed to completely disprove that theory.

3.Show off

If its not butts you are into showing off, then you can always show off your tummy. The lower half, by accident that is, but that is not exactly something you should be doing voluntarily.

4.Naughty Tease

This guy is into teasing us surely? Not showing us his whole butt like everyone else, but just a little bit of it. This takes a lot of confidence, but then why do this just at Walmart?

5.Fashion Tips

Fashion is a great topic at Walmart, or the lack thereof. One should always emphasis a large middle by wearing a lighter color garment to highlight it as can be seen here.


This girl must have the longest hair on the planet? Or maybe she just shops at Walmart, but how long does it take her to get her hair ready for shopping?


Walmart invites people to just say it how it is. Here this guy has no qualms about telling people what he thinks even though it is very offensive and not exactly politically correct in the world today.


8.High Heels

This guy couldn't decide on the Velcro slip-ons or the high heels. He should have gone with the Velcro-slip ons. One thing that is certain is he is quite happy with who he is.


This guy at least keeps people entertained in the queue. However, maybe he is not entertaining people and instead is just simply telling the truth? Maybe it is best not to know for sure.


10.Who Needs Pants At Walmart?

Why do people at Walmart always forget their pants? Or maybe that should read, why is it all the wrong people at Walmart always forget their pants?

11.Back Bra

This woman is double trouble as we can see from the back! Back support anyone? Surely somebody had to have pointed out to her that this look just does not work for her?


Perhaps it is something in the air at Walmart that makes people crazy? Someone needs to tell this woman that a plastic bag over the kids head is highly dangerous.


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