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Stupid Yet Funny First World Problems

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 10:28 am

1.But why is there no cinnamon?

Come on, you feel like cinnamon on your coffee only to discover that the company does not have any in stock. How are you supposed to enjoy it if they do not have one of the basics? Are they even aware of how big an inconvenience it is and that your body craves it?

2.On Demand is moody

So we have all of this entertainment, but it still comes across as not being enough at certain times and we then start to complain when the on demand service acts up and does not provide us with the programs that we want to watch when we want to watch them. How indignant do some people get about this? Chill out!!

3.Not having your size or color

While some people in poor countries worry about having anything to wear here we are complaining when our favorite store does not have our size or the color we are after in stock. The problem is that a lot of people then feel as if the store does not care and the world is indeed coming to an end, but is it really?

4.Too many video games to choose from

The companies seem to bring out updated versions of games all the time, but how are we supposed to keep up when we can hardly play them for any considerable period of time? Do they not realize that we have so many other things to actually do??

5.Getting too upset about sport

So your team loses, but is it really a big deal? Is it a good enough excuse to go and get seriously drunk or even get into fights? In some countries the supporters of the team even threaten the safety of the players, but surely there are bigger issues out there?

6.Picky eaters

So this is going to drive you insane, but when you have a dinner party how do you deal with everybody and their preferences? You know that you often need a vegetarian option, but now it might have to be gluten free, you need to watch for nuts, somebody might even be allergic to eggs...where does it all end???

7.That laptop bag just does not look right

Well this has to be quite infuriating? You have the laptop, you see a nice bag for it, you put the laptop in the bag, put it on your shoulder and BANG it looks wrong. Sheesh people think they have problems with trying to get water etc, but imagine going to work with a bag that does not suit you.


8.Wi-fi is not everywhere

How inconsiderate is this? Surely in this day and age there should be wi-fi in every single location and it should be the fastest speed possible because there is no way we can manage to cope without checking email every five minutes.

9.Kids yoga

Well is that not a pain? You want your child to go to yoga classes in order to be all kind of New Age, but then they are always booked? Do other parents not realize the importance of getting your child there? Do they just have no consideration for others?


10.Too many ways to watch movies

Well the third world think that they have problems, but how are we supposed to choose the way we want to watch a movie when we have so many options? Do they not realize how difficult it is with all of those discs lying around?

11.Energy bulbs just do not fit

What is it about these energy saving bulbs? Why do they need to be a different shape? Why do they have to be too big to fit into the lamps that you have owned for years? Why do they take so long to give you light? It is like living in the 17th century when you switch them on.


12.A scratched iPad

Surely this has to be a major disaster? That thing that you simply cannot live without has been scratched and you have only had it for a month!! How will the world manage to survive this? Will it survive? Help me!!!


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