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Top 15 Party Fail Photos That Will Make You Say WTF!

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 11:57 am

If you are a party animal, you can very well relate yourself to these funny party fails photos. Parties are fun, but you got to agree that they are a mess too. You see all kinds of people in a party. You have drunkards who don't settle for a drink or two. You have dopes. You have that one guy who keeps hitting on every girl he sees in the party. Let's not forget those ugly nymphs who are all over the men! Oh man, it's a real mess. Every party has its own fail moments. Here are fifteen party fail pictures that make you laugh. 
1.The best photo bomb

We say the best photo bomb, but you do hope she is pulling that face and that is not how she looks naturally. What is her eyes zooming in on here? Is she trying to keep track of their tongue movements? Is she that drunk that her eyes have given up on trying to be normal? There are so many questions that need answered here and even the girl in question probably wont know what is going on.

2.The drawer position

You just hope that this guy decided to sleep like this and was not put there by his friends. It is a great idea that he saw a drawer and thought that would make the perfect bed and settled down for the night. You can just tell he is out for the count here and probably woke up with a pair of pants stuck to his head for all of his troubles.

3.The ugly sisters

Ok even supermodels can have photographs taken that are not that flattering, but all three of the women in this photograph are not having a good day. It looks as if the first one is stuck face first in a wind tunnel along with the middle one and the paler girl on the left is in shock at what she has just witnessed. You and everybody else!!

4.You missed

You missed the toilet or the sink. How shocked is this guy going to be as he looks up at a hot chick having alcohol poured down his throat to discover his friend is blowing chunks? He is either doing that or smoking some strange cigar as his fingers do appear to be holding an invisible one in this photograph.

5.The wedding dance

Ahh nothing saves love quite like face planting your bride into the floor at your wedding reception. It does look like he either thought he was a professional dancer or a professional wrestler and the wrestling move won. It is actually quite an impressive face plant and if it was intended he should be proud of his efforts.

6.Patch of shame

This is another of those Facebook pictures where the woman in question would be dreading logging on the following day. This could be entirely innocent, but the mark in that area does tend to point towards a whole host of things that are not that pleasant. It would be the most unfortunate spill of a drink in history.

7.Doing it wrong!!

Before you start drinking alcohol you need to learn how to drink alcohol. This girl here is doing it all wrong as she appears to be trying to throw it in her mouth from a distance rather than out of the bottle. It is understandable that she is making a mess of things and she will never get drunk that way.


8.It's not what you see

At first this photo looks nice, a couple having their photo taken to show how happy they are, but look at the right. Suddenly this photo takes on a new meaning and indeed this is an entirely new genre of photographs as well with the guy having his hands down her pants. This really is a case of caught in the act.

9.Minnie Mouse

You wonder about which part this guy is going to hate the most. Is it the gentleman sausage on his chest, the fact he loves boys, or is it the Minnie Mouse ears on his head? You have to admire his friends for their creativeness here as you will certainly not see anything else like it online, so they do deserve a round of applause.


10.What a cool look

Surely this guy had to win the fancy dress competition since he went as a..well..who knows, but it is certainly different. But seriously, he must have been in a coma not to wake up when all of this was going on to him and you just know that they did not focus purely on the head either.

11.Ker Smash!!

The chinking together of glasses can be fun, but as this picture shows it can go wrong. However, the guy is just sad about his beer going missing although at least he knows where it is since it has covered her. Are they sitting on a slope where gravity is forcing all of the beer in just one direction or something? He has hardly a drop on him whereas she has it all.


12.Ahh comfy!!

The most impressive thing here is the angle of his head as well as his cat like balance to stay on the toilet in this position. Sleeping in strange positions when drunk is nothing new, but this guy has to be the champion and from a certain angle does he not look like Justin Bieber as well?

13.This Picture That Shows How Unfair Can Life Be

No man prefers getting topless at a party, even though he has an Arnold-like body!  This man with not so great body did it. When you look at the picture, you only think one thing… How unfair life is to the girl! The girl there badly needs them… the boobs!

This Picture That Shows How Unfair Can Life Be-Top 15 Party Fail Photos That Will Make You Say WTF!

14.This Guy Who Realized He Made A Terrible Mistake

Well, trying to lift her up is a terrible, terrible mistake. This guy realized it only after he tried doing that. Alcohol makes you feel like a superman! And then, you have people like this lady in the picture who neatly brings you down to the earth. The woman seemed to be enjoying the moment though! 

This Guy Who Realized He Made A Terrible Mistake-Top 15 Party Fail Photos That Will Make You Say WTF!

15.The boy with no eyes

There is so much going on in this picture that it is difficult to know where to start. First, a boy appears to have no eyes, while the girl at the front is either falling or doing the strangest dance possible. Finally, the guy in the white appears to be playing charades and is doing "The Statue of Liberty".


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