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Unusual Panhandlers

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:26 pm


This panhandler's sign isn't asking for anything, so chances are many people will give him something. However, the "chicks" might be a little put off by his sign, especially if they consider themselves more of a person and not a little bird. Who knows, it's a 50/50 shot for this guy.


As they say, you get more flies with honey, and definitely not with threatening a rat through the window. This guy probably didn't make a penny with a sign like that. He looks scary, his sign is scary, and people were probably turned off by his offensiveness. I know I'd run.

3.Time Machine Bandit

This panhandler sign is hilarious. Anyone who doesn't like the Jonas Brothers, and that's most adults, is going to drop some change on this guy. Will they read the sign? He's got that covered too. With his crazy get up to draw them in, he is sure they will take a peek.

4.Hillary Clinton Misteress

This sign makes a political statement and should attract the attention of Hillary Clinton haters walking the streets. My guess would be that this panhandler knows what works and is going to walk away with at least enough money for a burger and fries, and maybe even a little booze to help him sleep.

5.Papa Needs A New TV

Being hungry is an after thought for this panhandler. He wants a new tv. Well, if he's homeless then what would he do with a tv? People who think he is funny may give some change to him, but most might find his sign offensive and a mockery to those really in need.

6.Gift For Brad & Angelina

Funny sign, but will it get him the money he wants. Most people don't bother to read panhandler's signs because they often say the same thing. Maybe the words "Brad & Angelina" will catch their attention, making them read the entire sign. After that, the humor may entice them to give a little, but then again it may turn them off.

7.Watch Your Girlfriends

This is one of the most outrageous and original panhandler signs out there. He is asking for anything for himself, just a pair of eyeglasses for your girlfriend, because she thinks he's hot. I'm afraid he might get a few guys to donate to him out of pity, but that's about it.


8.I Want To Get High

Another honest panhandler that is sure to catch the attention of stoners everywhere. He doesn't want food, he just wants to get high and then get hopped up on caffeine at Starbucks. Sounds like a great state to be in if you have to live on the street, but what about food?

9.Verbal Abuse

Wow, it looks like this guy is willing to stand there and let you say anything to him, just for a few pennies. It's amazing what some panhandlers will do for money. At least he was creative with his plea, and it's sure to catch some eyes, even he does get his share of smart alecks.


10.Adwords Junkie

This could actually be true. Maybe this person quit his day job hoping to jump on the Google bandwagon, making money off adwords. Someone didn't tell him that it wasn't going to pay that much. Now his mother is going to throw them out if the doesn't pay rent. That part sounds made up, but at least

11.Pizza And Beer Lover

Who doesn't love pizza and a cold beer? No one, and that includes the homeless. At least this guy is honest about what he plans on doing with your pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters. The problem with some panhandlers is that they really just spend it on booze, so you're better off buying him a slice of pizza.


12.Ninja's Killed My Father

Panhandlers are getting creative these days. No more signs telling how they are homeless and need money for food. Just take a look at this guy. Maybe he hopes that humor will persuade people to give him money. You have to admit it's pretty clever, but don't you always wonder where they get the marker from?


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