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12 Funny "When Women Take Their Men Shopping" Pictures

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 7:41 am

Where do you find a bunch of sad-looking, misery-stricken, and jaded men sitting as if it is the last day of their life? Yes, of course, at a shopping mall! It all starts when their wives or girlfriends leave them at the lobby, and magically disappear from there. As the time ticks, their boredom slowly progresses into impatience, annoyance, and intolerance. Men then start to hate their partners. The situation gets so worse that they start to hate the entire world and even themselves! Nah, girls, we aren't exaggerating things. Take a look at these 12 "when women take their men shopping" photos and you will understand how depressing the situation can be. If you were a men's rights activist, these pictures would make you cry immediately!
1.The Man Shelf

This shop was nice enough to supply a man shelf. Man shelves are somewhere to perch your bored boyfriend on when shopping.


Then still others just fling themselves on any available mattress and fall into a deep unashamedly much needed sleep. Wake me up when you are finished will you love.


Some guys even have the 'Yes, I am awake, I really am' look down to a fine art. This guy is really sound asleep due to the absolute sheer boredom.

4.Yes.... Very Nice... ZZZ!

This guy looks as if he passed out in the shoe section mid conversation. Poor guy is just overwhelmed by it all and the fact she is now on her 300th pair of shoes.

5.Aye! Aye!

Some men deal with shopping by taking loads of parrots with them. At least it gives them something to talk to when the wife is in the shops.

6.Handy Men

At least men are useful to putting our stuff on while we shop? Nice bag by the way it really does just go with your eyes so, so well.


Then there are the rows of men waiting for their wives. Here they are outside of Victoria's Secret. Perhaps they are looking forward to the reward later?


8.Man Down!

Some guys just fall wherever they are standing, it must be a male and shopping type hypnotic sleep therapy thingy. The question is, how long has he been there for?

9.Perhaps Malls Cure Insomnia?

Why can't women fall asleep in the middle of the mall, amongst noise, lights and of course nice things to buy? Hey at least he looks comfy though.


10.Pick Me!

Some guys use shopping miserable madness to their best advantage and try and sell themselves in shop windows.

11.Why Me?

This picture perfectly sums up the topic, and we have been talking exactly about this. Look at the disappointment on the face of this man. This is perhaps the most depressing picture we have seen in the recent times. If you can read, the words "kill me" are clearly written on the guy's face! His little daughter looks dazed and disappointed too. The way he sat on the floor gives us an impression that he might be sitting there for at least a few hours! What is more disheartening? Getting stranded by your wife in a shopping mall, or being photographed by random people?

Why Me?-12 Funny

12.Call An Ambulance

Okay! We know men hate shopping, but really? Did this chap have to drop down dead on the stairs at the mall?


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