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15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 11:46 am

Fewer people know the power of trolling. It's an art, and if it's neatly done, it can win you wars without needing to shed a drop of blood! Girls, if you master the art of trolling, you can keep creeps, stalkers, and sick m*therf*ckers at bay, and never have them trouble you ever again! If you need some inspiration, see these 15 images that show girls trolling creepers and ripping their pride apart. Be that girl who makes bad guys shit their pants. Oh yeah, we almost forgot that guys are reading this topic as well. It's a fun topic to read, guys! Read, have fun, but don't forget to share it with the girls on your friend's list!
10.This 'Huge' Guy Who Got Trolled

Expecting people to be nice to you because you are nice to them is like asking a lion not to eat you because you don't eat lion! People don't stop bothering even though you don't know them personally. From retards who sound like absolute geniuses to actual geniuses who sound stupid, we have all kinds of people living on our planet. You can tell people to eff off in style, without needing to be rude!

This 'Huge' Guy Who Got Trolled-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

11.This Clueless Guy Who Can't Figure out What's Happening Around

It looks like that guy hadn't got the best of the brains. It may even be the case where his brain was over analyzing things thinking that the girl might have lost another phone. Going by the conversation, as we can see from the image, we strongly suspect he didn't really sound like an intelligent bloke.

This Clueless Guy Who Can't Figure out What's Happening Around-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

12.Not Enough Depression, Try Again

This is exactly how you deal with bullies or people who always love to drop a negative comment on you. Different people react in different ways to negative feedback. Always remember that you are what you think of you, not what others think of you - because they absolutely don't have control on your life. Take a life lesson from this girl who classically trolled that guy.

Not Enough Depression, Try Again-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

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