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15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 11:46 am

Fewer people know the power of trolling. It's an art, and if it's neatly done, it can win you wars without needing to shed a drop of blood! Girls, if you master the art of trolling, you can keep creeps, stalkers, and sick m*therf*ckers at bay, and never have them trouble you ever again! If you need some inspiration, see these 15 images that show girls trolling creepers and ripping their pride apart. Be that girl who makes bad guys shit their pants. Oh yeah, we almost forgot that guys are reading this topic as well. It's a fun topic to read, guys! Read, have fun, but don't forget to share it with the girls on your friend's list!
7.This Guy Who Accidentally Got Owned

What have you learned so far? Being polite or staying silent doesn't help when you are to deal with creepy people. The only way you can beat them is by playing their own game. You may sound rude or crazy to yourself, but the point here is getting rid of them from your life. Check this picture to find another lady trolling a guy.

This Guy Who Accidentally Got Owned-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

8.This Picture of Black Pussy... Cat

Sometimes your buddies too need a bit of trolling so they don't lose themselves in the name of madness! Check this girl who sent the picture of a cat, while the guy was hoping to see something else.  There are many ways to say NO! This is one of them. You don't always need to say no and hurt people you may care.

This Picture of Black Pussy... Cat-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

9.Scrumptious and Nutritious Toenail Smoothie!

A bit of sarcasm and quick wit is all what you need, to deliver extremely awkward but truly hilarious conversations. That girl there in the picture delivered one such hilarious text that would make all of us laugh. As you can see from the picture, she jokingly said she was busy preparing a 'toenail smoothie'! Before you say yuck, remember, nails are just hardened protein!

Scrumptious and Nutritious Toenail Smoothie!-15 Images Of Women Trolling Creepy Guys

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