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Worst Video Game Logic

Saturday, May 30, 2020, 10:33 am

1.Surely they need the most protection

This is the kind of thing that ends up just puzzling you because surely those bits need some protection as well? In actual fact they need to be covered up for all of the male characters in the game or it could be too much for them.

2.It must be some leaf

The one thing that you learn from this is that you should avoid being hit with a leaf in the world of video games or there could be some serious damage. What is in the leaf that would result in it being able to do that and actually kill something?

3.Maybe the horse kills him

What kind of a horse is he riding that this happens to him? Imagine being shot in the chest and surviving only to die when your horse decides it wants to go for a swim with you still on it. That is what you tend to call unfair.

4.Has this been thought through?

Imagine if you will that this was gold in our own society. Would that be lying around in a box on every street corner? There is absolutely no chance that it would survive for longer than five minutes, but here is eridium just lying around and nobody cares.

5.Defying the laws of physics

Yes this all makes absolutely perfect sense because if you are frozen then how can something as overly powerful as gravity hurt you? Sheesh sometimes video game designers really do take the laws into their own hands.


6.Chainsaw killers need movement

What this piece of logic tells you is that if you ever come across somebody with a chainsaw who wants to kill you, then stay perfectly still and you will be fine. Scrap that idea of running for the hills because clearly that does not work like you hope.

7.Well killing is hungry work

Well you can hardly blame this guy for selling you a hotdog because he has just seen you kill lots of people, so he is not going to say anything is he? Instead, he sees you have used up a lot of energy in your killing spree and clearly fees a hotdog is the best thing right now.


8.Like a big neon ninja

Yes you are an assassin and you need to be quiet and work with stealth, so of course you are going to end up walking around armed to the teeth and have basically a name badge on you. Something is not quite right about that entire picture.

9.Water kills frog

Well this is a twist that goes against what mother nature says will happen and it shows how video game creators just take whatever they want and twist it into something else. You would have thought that the road would have been the main concern, but water would have been like a safety net, but apparently not.


10.Courage, but shy?

If you have courage, then surely talking to girls is going to be one of the easiest things out there? Perhaps there is certain types of courage and talking to girls is a completely unique one that is very, very rare?

11.Well that makes sense

So let us get this right. You can fall from space and basically not have a scratch, but you get into water and you start flapping around and drowning? Surely if you have the technology to survive the first thing it would have some kind of anti-drowning device?


12.How does this work?

So you can do that with your head and you are fine, but you touch a turtle and it is fatal instantly? Surely it should be the other way around? Would that not be the sensible thing to happen in this rather zany video game world?


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