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12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 10:55 am

"You have no power" is a famous "Lord of the Rings" quote uttered by King Théoden when Gandalf tried to cast a mind-controlling spell on him. A few years back, the internet picked up the quote and converted that into a meme and reaction image. As you may know, the meme is often used to highlight a dominant individual's inability to show off their prowess depending upon the circumstances. Do you think a shark out of water can scare you? It has no power there! Got it? Now, see these 12 You Have No Power Here memes that are sidesplitting.
10.Music Back Then Vs. Music Now!

Queen is a legendary rock band, and we are very sure that we are not going to see any other music group growing as big as Queen in the years to come. Freddie Mercury and his gang gave us some memorable songs that never get old. Most of the modern day singers can't even sing properly, and half of them wouldn’t exist if technology like Auto-Tune wasn't invented. Well, that doesn't mean we should be rude to contemporary singers and musicians. Remember, all those so-called bad singers exist because millions of people around the world love them.

Music Back Then Vs. Music Now!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

11.This Hot Girl And Gamer Guy

At least he is smiling! Did you remember seeing a similar meme on this topic a while ago? Men in that meme aren't even caring that girl in hot lingerie. The case is a bit different here because the man seems to be smiling and blushing a bit. Even though he appears to be stuck to what he was doing, we don't think he could fully focus on his game. He seems to be a CS: GO player, and it looks like someone intentionally hired hookers to distract him! Never try to distract a gamer because not all gamers are soft. Some of them can punch the hell out of people if they keep bugging them like this girl in the meme!

This Hot Girl And Gamer Guy-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

12.You Have No Power Here, Sun!

He doesn't have power, we agree, but never look into Sun and tell him he has no authority! Sunglasses protect you from harmful rays, but they are not safe at all to look directly into the sun. Never look at the sun directly even when you wear shades. It can cause temporary blindness or may even damage retina permanently! We tend to show some interest in looking at the sun during eclipses. It's even more dangerous to look Sun through a telescope. Sun, during the dawn or dusk, is safe to see for a few seconds - just a few seconds.

You Have No Power Here, Sun!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

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