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12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 10:55 am

"You have no power" is a famous "Lord of the Rings" quote uttered by King Théoden when Gandalf tried to cast a mind-controlling spell on him. A few years back, the internet picked up the quote and converted that into a meme and reaction image. As you may know, the meme is often used to highlight a dominant individual's inability to show off their prowess depending upon the circumstances. Do you think a shark out of water can scare you? It has no power there! Got it? Now, see these 12 You Have No Power Here memes that are sidesplitting.
7.You Have No Power Here, Brother!

This meme reminds us our childhood, isn't it? You can very well relate to this meme, especially if you are not the only child in your home and have a sibling. Elder siblings do try to take control of everything when mom and dad aren't around. They do that because parents tell them to do so. Many parents tend to teach responsibility and give leadership and responsibility lessons to elder kids and ask them to do their best to take care of their little brother or sister. Younger siblings, as you know, are mischievous in most cases, and no way they are going to accept their older sibling's domination or leadership!

You Have No Power Here, Brother!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

8.When A Regular Thunderstorm Occur A Day After A Hurricane!

Hey, do you know that nearly 40% of the world's population lives within 60 miles of the seacoast? Now, this means more than 60% people in the world aren't aware of what it feels like going through all those scary natural calamities like cyclones and hurricanes. Just as this meme says, a thunderstorm is a big thing for those who live way away from a sea, but people who live near the seacoast find it powerless, especially when it occurs a day after a cyclone or hurricane!

When A Regular Thunderstorm Occur A Day After A Hurricane!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

9.United Airline's Stock Price's Reaction To Publicity!

The shocking United Express Flight 3411 incident did affect United Airline's (United Continental Holdings Inc) stock price negatively, but the effect didn't last long. The incident happened on April 9, and their stock price is $70.71 on that day. Within the next ten days, the company lost more than $5 a stock, sending chills down the spines of investors. The trend was temporary, though. As of now, United Airline's stock hit the all-time high at $75.98 per share! All that matters at the end of the day is publicity! Business are going to take it irrespective of the way it comes.

United Airline's Stock Price's Reaction To Publicity!-12 Funny You Have No Power Here Memes

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