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Tips To Improve Your Memory

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:24 pm

1.Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is essential to a healthy mind. Cut sugars and simple carbohydrates, and empty calorie foods. Instead choose lean proteins and whole grains to keep your brain and other organs healthy. Fats are also good for your body, as long as they are unsaturated. Remember that you are what you eat.


Exercise keeps not only the body healthy, but the mind. Exercise at least three times a week to get the blood flowing to the brain and to keep all your organs, including your brain. Aerobic exercise is great for clearing the mind, while weight resistance, builds muscle to protect your organs.

3.Remain Mentally Active

One of the best things you can do to increase your memory and helping to stave off memory loss with age, is to do puzzles or any word games you can think of. Crosswords, for example, stimulates your mind and keeps you mentally active. A mentally active mind remembers more.

4.Teach Another Person

When you teach another person you are reciting the information out loud. The more you do this the more it embed itself into your mind. This is why rehearsing out loud is helpful. Explaining and getting your message across to someone else actually does help you as well as them.

5.Link New Information To Old Information

By linking new information to old information it can often help you to embed the item into your mind. Establishing relationships between the two will help you to better understand them and the more you understand them the more you will be able to remember them. Everything is relatable in some way.

6.Use Pneumonic Devices

Pneumonic devices are a great way to increase your memory. Assign words to letters that will help you to better remember. Choose the letters of the words and assign the them to easier words that form a sentence or a group of things. Soon it will be the easiest thing you ever remembered.

7.Avoid Trying To Remember Too Much At Once

Sometime it can be overwhelming to remember too many things at once. Break them down into smaller sections and they will be much easier to remember. Tackle one bunch and when you master that move on, then go back to the first batch. It's much easier to handle that way.


8.Organize Information

If you can organize information in your head into neat compartments, you are more likely to remember. Things like putting words or sentences or even tasks together that go together. If you want to remember a to do list, remember cleaning the toilet with cleaning the sink, rather than picking up groceries and the dry cleaning.

9.Avoid Distractions

Place yourself somewhere where you now there will be no distractions. When trying to remember, distractions can easily push whatever it is that you are working on, right out of your mind. A library, or a quiet place with no one around, is the best option. Use headphones to block out external noise.


10.Focus More On Difficult Information

It is often the most difficult information that you forget the quickest. Focus more on that information, and you will remember it. Learn it, figure out why it's so difficult, figure out how it works. The more you know about it the better you will remember it. Learning is remembering.


Look at what you want to remember on paper, a computer, or wherever, and visualize it when you close your eyes. Do this repeatedly until you can see it when your eyes are closed. You will soon be able to pull up that memory at will, remembering details you thought you wouldn't.


12.Learn And Rehearse

Learn what you want to remember and rehearse it aloud. Say it over and over again out loud. At first you may have to look at the paper, but after a while, like a song, it will be committed to memory. This is a tried and true method for increasing your memory.


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