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15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 11:29 am

Traveling abroad is fun only when you know the customs and culture of the visiting country completely. Due to the immense culture difference between countries around the world, one needs to understand that something that's a good gesture in their country could mean offensive in the other parts of the world. Here are fifteen common mistakes travelers do abroad.
13.Clinking Glasses While Toasting in Hungary

Clinking glasses is a common practice throughout the world, but not in Hungary. Don't clink glasses while toasting, if you are in Hungary. Clinking is considered very insulting in Hungary due to some historical events. Don't clink and say cheers in Hungary.

Clinking Glasses While Toasting in Hungary-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

14.Ordering Cappuccino in Italian Restaurants

Coffee isn't just a drink in Italy, it is a culture! If you want to enjoy a cappuccino in Italy, you have to deal with many strange food rules. 
1. Don't order cappuccino after 11:00 AM in Italy, as Italians consider it is a breakfast item. Most Italians don't drink cappuccino in the noon or evening.
2. Don't order cappuccino from a restaurant, as most Italians find it gross.

Ordering Cappuccino in Italian Restaurants -15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

15.Forgetting to Leave Tips to Waiters/Waitresses in United States

Accepting tips may be seen as insulting in Germany, but in US tipping is mandatory. In most states, employees like waiters are paid two to three dollars per hour. They have to make their living on tips, which is not the case with other countries like Japan and China. 

Forgetting to Leave Tips to Waiters/Waitresses in United States-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

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