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15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 11:29 am

Traveling abroad is fun only when you know the customs and culture of the visiting country completely. Due to the immense culture difference between countries around the world, one needs to understand that something that's a good gesture in their country could mean offensive in the other parts of the world. Here are fifteen common mistakes travelers do abroad.
10.Calling Kenyans by Their First Name

In Kenya, calling someone with their first name is considered as impolite. If you ever go to Kenya, remember this small cultural fact. If you are to call a Kenya, call him or her by their last name. It is a little strange, but people there are used to it.

Calling Kenyans by Their First Name-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

11.Eating on Public Transport in Singapore

This is not something that's related to culture or manners. It is actually an offence to eat on public transport in Singapore, and you may be fined if an officer sees you doing that. Many countries don't allow eating or drinking on public transport. If you are planning to visit a country, make sure to completely know about the public transport rules and guidelines.

Eating on Public Transport in Singapore-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

12.Giving a Clock or Umbrella as Presents in China

Chinese don't like receiving umbrellas or clocks as gifts, as they believe they bring them bad luck. If you are travelling in China, and if you have to gift someone, pick anything other than clock and umbrella. Clocks are a common gift idea around the world, but a big no-no in China! 

Giving a Clock or Umbrella as Presents in China-15 Common Mistakes That Travelers Do Abroad

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