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15 People Share The Worst Job Interview Screw Ups

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 5:42 pm

You got to toil hard to get a job. The struggle is real if you are a fresh graduate.  You need some experience to get a job. You need a job to get some experience. Now, that's an epic and never-ending loop!  Interviews are funny. You tell many lies. The interviewer clearly knows your lies. He or she may still hire you. Coming back to the topic, let's check these fifteen funny and awkward interview stories as shared by the people. 
7.This Oops Moment

I stepped on my interviewer's gout-afflicted toe. He howled in pain, and tears welled up in his eyes. We hadn't even made it into his office.

This Oops Moment-15 People Share The Worst Job Interview Screw Ups

8.What's Your Phone Number?

"Part of your job as a teller is to sell, such as getting customers to sign up for certain accounts, take out a safety deposit boxes, etc. Here, sell me this pen." Interviewer said.
Handed me the pen.
I said, "Hey, this pen is really good for writing down phone numbers, what's yours?"

What's Your Phone Number?-15 People Share The Worst Job Interview Screw Ups

9.Another Bank Job Interview Fail

I tried getting a job as a teller at a bank once. The interviewer wanted to role play how I would help a customer, and it went something like this:
Me: Hi, sir, how may I help you?
Interviewer: Hi, I would like to cash this check, please.
Me: * makes counting money gesture * here you go, thank you.
The interview ended shortly afterwards.

Another Bank Job Interview Fail-15 People Share The Worst Job Interview Screw Ups

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