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15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:03 pm

This is 2015, and the word 'future technology' still excites us. Many of us don't completely realize we are already living the future. We somehow convince ourselves that the technology we had in our hands today is old, and hope for the best every day. Here are 15 images that make you believe the future is already here, and we are living in it!
13.This Incredibly Awesome Coffee Table

With restaurant or coffee shop tables like these, you can select your favorite food, create pizzas, and do many more without needing to speak to any restaurant employee. Come in, check food menu, order, make payment and get your food delivered on to your table! This is as simple as it can get.

This Incredibly Awesome Coffee Table-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

14.Check this Robot

Yes, the lady there is actually a robot! Robots aren't a new thing for us. We have seen many robots, but this is something very cool and extraordinary. This Japanese robot looks, feels and responds so much like a real human being. Japan made a series of robots that look just like humans. This is one of them.

Check this Robot-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

15.We All Need This

Imagine a day where you can commute to your workplace happily with this super cool flying human-copter! This prototype is highly exciting and interesting. The future is already here! Let's hope this thing takes a proper shape, and on one day we can actually use it to happily fly around in the sky!

We All Need This-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

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