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15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 5:39 pm

In most cases, we can't tell how accidents happen. Sometimes we have clues. We don't care or show much interest. Once in a while, here and there, we see people or things and then we tell to ourselves 'oh, wow – there's an accident waiting to happen'! Check fifteen funny pictures that show some really terrible disasters about to happen. Check all the pictures, and tell us if you can relate to any one of these images. 
13.This Policeman

Does this even require a description? That's one worst way to die on duty as a cop. We call them accidents because we can't guess when and how they happen but this is complete stupidity.

This Policeman-15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

14.Great Value Stuff!

One mix-up, and we will have a cooking spray that adds great taste to furniture. And then, there is a furniture polish that adds more beauty to your food. 

Great Value Stuff!-15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

15.Whose Idea Was that?

The most messed up play slide placement you will ever see. Let's hope no kid plays there.

Whose Idea Was that?-15 Terrible Accidents Waiting To Happen

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