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Absolutely Hilarious Parental Notes

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 3:20 pm

1.Mom Not Worker

This mother is not a maid. Moms may clean up after their kids from time -to-time, but there comes a point where a child is old enough to clean up their own mess. This note informs the children of this household that she is not their employee and cleaning the microwave is not her job.

2.Chocolate Chip Cookies Substitute

Cookies of any kind are a treat for a kid to have for lunch. This poor kid was surely disappointed when they saw these rice cakes in their lunchbox. To top it all off, their parent thought it would be funny to write a note telling the kid to imagine what the rice cakes could be.

3.Timer Pet Peeve

It's the small things that can make an old person go crazy. This parent left their kid a note, telling them to clear the unused microwave time off the appliance. Out of all the things in the world that can drive someone crazy, this person is sent off the deep end by unused microwave time. Sadly, this note is so small that it will probably go unnoticed.

4.Pick Up After Yourself

It is truly embarrassing for any kid to receive a note from their parents. This note makes this kid seems like a lazy, and messy slob. When your parent has to tell you how to wash a dish, then you are beyond hopeless and should hang your head in shame.

5.Obligated Birthday Wishes

Birthdays should always be celebrated. If you have a kid you should love them enough to want to send them well-wishes on their special day. Unfortunately, this mom is only wishing their kid a happy birthday because they feel obligated to. Even if she felt this way, she didn't have to tell them; it's both funny and said that she wrote it in the card.

6.Eat Your Veggies

This parent is no fool. Kids are always trading their lunch items at school. This parent is hip to the trading technique and decided to leave her kid a note in their vegetable Ziploc bag. Being that these are carrots, it's highly unlikely that any kid would give up a Twinkie for them.

7.Keep it Clean or Get Cut

This mom is cutthroat and isn't into playing games. She spent a substantial amount of time tidying up her kitchen. And rather than have her kids come in and mess up all of her hard work, she left them a threatening note. At least she signed it with a heart.


8.Passed Out Kid

Letting your kid lie naked on the floor shows real love. This parent is obviously a believer in 'tough love.' Instead of helping their kid off the floor and helping them to bed, this parent just left a note to whomever so that poor Ashley would at least have someone check on her during her odd state.

9.Dos and Don'ts Note

If your kid is only enough to give people gas money, then it's time to stop coddling them. This parent wrote both a Dos and a Don'ts letter for their kid. The stuff mentioned on the Dos letter is typical, but the Don'ts letter is hilarious. Sadly, most parents don't understand that when you tell a kid not to do something, they do it anyway.


10.Playtime is for Kids

This parent can't take much more of their baby's playtime. Some people are big kids at heart, while others can't stand to be around anything kid-related. This parent is obviously the latter. Their way of showing they can't stand playtime is more kid-like than a toddler playing with some toys.

11.Sleep on the Patio

If you're still living at home with your parents, you better make curfew. This parent got fed-up with their kid missing curfew and then ringing the doorbell to be let in. So to stop that behavior, they locked the house door and left their kid a note. On top of the hilarious message, this kid's parent didn't care enough to even use a piece of paper, they used an old envelop instead.


12.Wi-Fi for Chores

These kids got a rude awakening when they tried to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. Rather than yelling at their children to do their chores, this parent opted to leave them a not regarding something they'd be lost without. It's only fair to cut off the Wi-Fi until chores are done, especially since that parent is paying for their internet.


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