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Amazing Kitchen Hacks

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 3:18 pm

1.Frozen sponges as ice packs

If you want to keep the inside of your lunch box nice and cool, then all you need to do is get a sponge and freeze it. This will then act as the perfect ice pack and of course it is also re-usable time and time again.

2.Tic-tac containers as spice stores

So you buy your spices in bags, but do not want to just have all of them lying around and being knocked over. However, all that you actually need to do is to save up those old tic-tac containers, put labels on, and use them as your very own spice containers.

3.Get a golden egg

How freaky would it be if you could serve a golden egg? Well this is entirely possible because all you need to do is to shake your egg quite violently for a few minutes and then boil it and the end result is going to be something that is actually golden in color.

4.Ripen bananas with your oven

We have all bought bananas at the store even though they are not fully ripe, so we end up putting them at the window and wait for nature to take its course. However, you can actually do something to speed up the process and that something is to stick them in the oven at a medium temperature and you will see them ripen before your very eyes.

5.Heart shaped egg

So you are wanting to have egg as part of your meal, but are fed up with the oval shape, so what do you do? That is easy because you simply get a chop stick and a rubber band and you can gently press a cooked egg into a heart shape.

6.A waffle iron for hash browns

If you are the type of person that has been desperately trying to make perfect hash browns, then the answer is probably right there in front of you. All that is required is for you to use your waffle iron and the end result is going to be something that you are rightfully proud of.

7.Boiled water for clear ice cubes

When you make ice do you ever get fed up seeing them all cloudy? If so, then there is an easy solution to all of this because if you make them with boiled water they will end up being clear when frozen. This is just a neat little trick, but it is one that will amaze at least a percentage of your guests.


8.Grill fish on lemon

If you are going to grill fish, then you will be worried about it sticking, but by using a bed of cut lemon it does mean that not only will it taste great, but it will be lifted off the oven rack and will stay whole throughout the cooking process.

9.Apple slicer to cut potatoes

So you are fed up cutting potatoes and wish that life would be a lot easier? Well it can be if you go ahead and use your apple slicer to do all of the hard work for you. All it takes is a bit of a push and a few seconds and you will have perfectly cut potatoes.


10.An oven rack for perfect taco shells

This is something where you wonder how you did not think of it before because get your tortillas, drape them over the bars on the oven rack, and you will end up with perfect taco shells. Go on, admit it, you wish you had thought of that before.

11.Add air to your wine with a blender

If you have bought that cheap wine for a party and you are actually ashamed of it, then get some extra air into it by throwing it in your blender for a matter of seconds. The result is that it will then taste a lot better and indeed people will think that it is more expensive than it actually was.

12.A blender to make ice cream

Making your own ice cream can be fun, but a lot of people believe that they need an actual ice cream maker. However, that is not true because your own blender can be used as the main tool and it is quick and very, very easy to do.

13.Keeping your Ice cream soft

Are you sick of Ice cream bending your spoon every time you try to eat? Then here is a quick hack that will keep your ice cream as soft as you have bought it in the first place. Covering your ice cream in a zip lock plastic bag will keep your ice cream from over freezing, keeping it soft all the time.

Keeping your Ice cream soft-Amazing Kitchen Hacks

14.Removing excess salt

Adding excess common salt in your food is a more common than you think, But here is a quick hack to remove it. Add the equivalent amount of potatoes cut into pieces in the over salted food and wait for few minutes, Potatoes absorb the excess salt until the salt level inside the starchy tuber matches the salt level in your food.

Removing excess salt-Amazing Kitchen Hacks


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