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Amazing Landscapes Around The World

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:15 pm

1.Galapagos Islands

You have to admit that this is pretty spectacular and it is no surprise that the Galapagos Islands is a natural heritage site. This just looks like it has been designed on a computer, but it is actually all real and you can indeed go there and check it out for yourself.

2.Longji rice terraces

These rice terraces in China are absolutely amazing. The way that the landscape has been structured and managed is just something that you struggle to comprehend because it just flows so well and every square inch is being put to good use.


This is a volcanic island off the coast of Japan, but the amazing thing is that there is actually a small village inside it as well. This has to be one of the most surreal landscapes that you can imagine and who decided that staying in there was a good idea in the first place?

4.Salar de Uyuni

This is a massive salt flat in Bolivia, but after it rains it ends up having this kind of mirror effect and it is quite simply vast in size as well. This is a place where even though there is nothing to see it is still an amazing place to visit and if you are in Bolivia you really do need to go there.


This landscape in South America is very barren, but it also throws up some absolutely stunning views such as this one. It may cover a vast area, but everywhere you turn there is something that can just take your breath away and it really is one of the last wildernesses left in the world.

6.Volcano Dallol

This is in Ethiopia and have you seen anything like it elsewhere in the world? The yellow that you see is caused by sulfur and of course this is a place where you should not exactly walk around in your bare feet, but that does not stop you from sitting marveling at it either.

7.River Tinto

The River Tinto is in Spain and you can instantly see why it has this particular name from the fact that the water is not blue, but it has this kind of rusty color effect instead. This is because of the level of natural minerals such as iron in the ground giving it this distinctive color and it is pretty cool to look at.


8.Stone Forest

The stone forest can be found in China and you have to say that it does look pretty cool even if it is also slightly strange at the same time. The way that these stones just reach for the skies is something that you just cannot quite take in if you ever visit the area, but it is still cool to look at.

9.Pinnacle Desert

This can be found near Perth, Western Australia and it is just strange to find these pinnacles sticking up out of the ground for no apparent reason. What was there before? Why are they still here? We will never know the answers to these questions, but that does not stop us from just looking at them.


10.Door to Hell

This is in Turkmenistan and you have to admit that it is very well named. This is just a large hole in the ground that lets you see what is going on inside, but of course you need to be very careful as one wrong step and things are going to change forever.

11.Moeraki Boulders

This is in New Zealand and it is just a strange scene to see these boulders emerging from the water as the tide goes out. How they are there is just a mystery because why would mother nature do this? However, you cannot help but think that it does look seriously cool.


12.Chocolate Hills

This amazing landscape is found in the Philippines and you have to admit that it is pretty strange to look at. All you can see are those bumps and it is not as if they are full mountains either, but you have to admit that they are pretty cool to look at.


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