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Amazing Packing Tape Sculptures

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 6:45 pm

1.It's for you!!

Luckily this tape is very light, so you should be able to pick up the receiver without any problems. Oh wait there is no phone attached, but the sculpture is still cool anyway.

2.Get that ice

The coolest thing here is that you would actually think that the entire thing was made out of ice rather than the sculpture replicating somebody cutting it. How much work must have gone into this entire thing because it is actually pretty big, so the artist must have patience of a saint.

3.Using what is around you

What this shows is that the artist is able to use what is around them as their inspiration at times for their sculpture and this is the perfect example. It is so cool to see this small child apparently pulling this broken post over and it would certainly stop traffic as people try to check it out.

4.The sky diver

This is seriously cool as the artist has managed to get the perfect shape of the sky diver and there just seems to be so much energy about this sculpture that you can almost feel as if it is actually falling through the sky. This has to be one of the best out there.

5.A scary dragon

You half expect this dragon to just wake up from its sleep and attack you. However, surely if it did indeed breathe fire it would only set fire to itself since it is made of tape? Perhaps it is best that it is sleeping.

6.Good boy!!

So the big question here is how have they managed to get the dog to be so well balanced in this sculpture? That has to be one of the main questions because sure we can step back and admire the way it looks, but surely this defies the laws of physics?

7.Coming at yaa!!!

Well this has to be one of the scariest creatures you will ever set eyes on, but then how cool is it at the same time? The artist has clearly spent a long time on it because all of those individual suckers on the tentacles must have taken forever to design.


8.The checkers players

Well this sculpture is certainly a bit more laid back than the others as you can almost feel the calmness about it as they play their game. Even the board is made out of tape and the artist clearly has a fantastic eye for detail.

9.She scoressss

Well were you expecting such an action shot made out of packing tape? How the artist has managed to achieve this is something that only they will fully know and understand, but we can just step back and admire what has to be an absolutely amazing piece of work.


10.Carousel on trees

Everybody loves those horses on the carousel and this is certainly no different. It is a fantastic example of some outdoor art and it would be an absolute pleasure and delight to walk through them.

11.Packing tape in synchro

This looks as if it is straight out of the event in the Olympic games if it wasn't for the fact it was packing tape and in a river. However, it is exceptionally well done and all four legs do indeed look absolutely exact.


12.Give him oxygen

How cool is this sculpture? You can only admire the work that has gone into its creation because the artist really is a genius. However, did they have to put the head of a doll down there in order to complete the look?


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