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Amazing Pics Of Animals Pillowing Each Other

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 9:08 am

1.That's All Folks!

'Okay already! Just five minutes more then I'll get up!' You just know that the next five minutes will be the longest in the life of the pillow.

2.Bear Hugs

Ah! Wherever I lay down my head is my home!. Do they not both look so comfortable and so happy to be together? Well as happy as a giant panda can ever look.

3.Pillow pile-up

'Guys! Keep moving, keep it moving! Just now they mistake us for a woolly scarf. Is there any way that this particular plan could ever hope to work?


Is this what is meant by the term cat nap? They just look so comfortable and see how the mother one is even washing her kids face in order to make sure that they are all nice and clean for the hunt ahead.

5.Red Alert

Hey Tom, don't you dare....! Don't you dare move! This is now more like a stack of pillows rather than anything else, but at least the one at the top will be comfortable.

6.Uh Oh!

So much could go wrong with this image. It was at that crucial moment, just before he fell asleep that he realized Harriet did in fact have a flatulence problem.


'Wake me up before you go, go. Cos' if you don't I'm going solo and will fall flat on my face!' You have to question which one is feeling the most relaxed here and does the monkey think it has a big cuddly toy?


8.Sibling Love

'Yawn! You the best sis' ever!'. These two cats just look so comfortable and the heat between them must have also been immense. You just know that they would be lying there for hours without doing anything else.

9.Darn It!

'I am so comfy'. 'Yeah me too'. 'Damn! Where is the remote?' You just feel that trying to get both of these dogs to move would be like mission impossible and can you blame them?


10.Horsing About

'Mum, when can I go and play?' 'Mum?' Well clearly this horse is not going to be able to go out and play since its mum has decided it has to play at being the pillow instead.

11.White Sheep of The Family

When you look at this image you can just imagine the one at the bottom thinking something along the lines of. 'Em! I might be white, but I'm not the pillow you know!'



'Ugh! I think the hot water bottle is leaking it must be because my back is absolutely soaking and I cannot think of any other explanation.'


'Are you comfy?' 'Yeah, are you comfy?' 'Yeah' You have to admit that this is one of the cutest images you will ever see because how amazing do they both look sitting snuggled in there?


'Hey! You brute, since when am I your pillow?' This cat does not look that impressed by all of this, but then dog does have a rather sheepish look in its eyes, but hey he is comfy, so he does not really care.

15.Leg Pillow

ZZ mummy has the best leg pillow ever. This just shows that a puppy really can sleep almost anywhere although you do wonder about how this could be comfortable.

16.Group Hugs

'NOW we know why mum always has like five puppies at once!' It is all so that they can make a massive pillow to sleep on and boy do they look super comfy.

17.Snuggle Z's

'Zz!' snuggle 'Zzzz!' snuggle. Could there be any other picture of animals that look as comfortable as this lot? No wonder they are fast asleep.


'Zzz! Lambs wool might be pricey but its the best pillow ever!' I can just get so comfy here and nod off at any moment.

19.Pillow Fight

'Ah! You are the best pillow ever'. 'No you are!' 'No way, you are!' Oh never mind let's just go and sleep because I'm getting tired.


'I might as well get on her good side while she's still a kitten'. You just get the feeling that this entire scenario will change once the kitten develops that killer instinct.

21.Bony Pillow

Monkey beats the pillow a bit more before settling down again. It did feel a bit bony after-all. However, the monkey does not seem to mind and is just enjoying getting some sleep.

22.The Cheek of It

'Mm! This is SO good, can you scratch my ear while you are down there? It's itchy as heck'. How on earth can this actually be comfortable though?


With humans out of earshot and out of vision, they snuggle up together for a snooze in order to get ready for the days chase and shenanigans later. They think that us humans do not realize that they actually do get along quite well.

24.Mummy Love

'Mumsie you make the best pillow ever, but I need a wee!' This little guy just looks so, so comfy snuggled into his mummy like this and you just know that he feels so protected by her as well.


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