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Amazing Underground Cities

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 9:29 am

1.Beijing underground

This was the Chinese equivalent of Cheyenne Mountain and it shows how seriously a number of countries were taking the possibility of a nuclear attack. This was another city that was massive and deep underground, but now it is a full blown tourist attraction so you can go and check out what is actually quite a creepy place because of how quiet it is.

2.Cheyenne Mountain

This was the US cold war survival city and all of the important government officials would go here in order to ensure that the country would still be running in the event of a nuclear attack. As you would expect, this is massive as thousands of people would need to live here, so if you plan on trying to visit it, then make sure you have a lot of spare time.


A lot of people are unaware of the fact that under the city of Montreal lies a network of tunnels that stretch for a total of 20 miles. This is all connected to the metro, but it is still an impressive feat of engineering when you stop and think about how it was created in the first place.


This is in England and it was built at the height of the cold war as this is a facility that would have allowed the country to still operate if it was attacked. It has space for 4000 government officials as well as space for their families and overall this is a site that is absolutely massive.


This city is in Turkey and it is pretty amazing when you stop and look at it. The main area is called Derinkuyu and this was a city that actually had seven different levels underground and it had things such as a church, shops, and anything else that you needed in order to live there.


This is in Iran and it is a city that is believed to be around 2500 years old. The theory is that it did start off as a water management system, but then evolved into something a lot bigger and more elaborate than they first intended. Now they are making it a tourist attraction complete with shops and restaurants, but maybe that is not a good thing to do.

7.Coober Pedy

This is in Australia and it is a city of 1600 inhabitants that all live underground. Of course the reason as to why they do this is because of the extreme heat during the summer, so clearly living underground is going to be a bit more comfortable and this time it all makes perfect sense.


8.Wielczka Salt Mine

This is in Poland and the size of it is absolutely mindblowing. The place was worked on from the 13th century with tons of salt being mined over the centuries and the result is that these mines now cover 186 miles in total, so you can imagine how long it would take you to explore it all.

9.Shanghai Tunnels

Nope they are not in China, but instead this is a network of tunnels in Portland, Oregon and they get their name because they run under Chinatown. They were used to move goods around, but of course with any network of tunnels like this you also had some illegal activities going on as well.


10.Moose Jaw

This is in Saskatchewan, Canada, but there is a good reason as to why there are a network of tunnels here. People started making them because of the winter as it allowed workers to get around without freezing all of the time, so at least they were being clever rather than trying to basically hide something.

11.Barry Troglodyte Village

This is in a hillside that overlooks Rhone in France and it is basically a village carved into the rock. How they managed to do it is a mystery and even though it may not be the most elaborate place to stay there is no doubt that it is certainly different and at least it does have a nice view.



Petra is an amazing sight to behold and if you are ever planning on going to the Middle East, then do yourself a favor and go to Jordan just to visit this place. The carvings are extraordinary and you cannot help but marvel at the work that has gone into this particular underground city.


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