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America's Best Psychology Schools 2013

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 6:28 pm


This is probably another surprise when it comes to a list of the best psychology schools in the country, but it certainly deserves its place. They work hard on providing their students with as much information as possible including the latest research and indeed they are also involved in enhancing our understanding and knowledge about psychology.


It may surprise you that NYU has made it into this list of the best psychology schools, but they have decided to put a lot of effort into building an effective program within psychology and it has certainly paid dividends for them. They are working on their reputation and it is one that is growing, so expect it to become even more popular.


Upenn is certainly a name that is well known for a number of things and indeed its psychology school is one of them. It may be ranking quite low in this list, but it is still a place that is going to help you get a better job once people see that you graduated from there due to the reputation it has in general.


The University of Chicago is huge and indeed their psychology school is also on a massive scale, but it is able to cope with the demands of its various students and still provide them with the best possible education. The fact it ranks so highly even though it is very busy shows how good they are at what they do.


It is very difficult to get into the psychology school at Columbia, so be prepared to work hard in order to just get your foot in the door. They are very well known for both research and education within the industry and the people that are teaching the students are also among the best in the business.


Coming in at number seven is the University of Michigan and it may not have the same prestige as a number of the other schools already mentioned, but it does have a reputation for good solid teaching and that is what you should really be looking for. This is all about giving you the best education possible and boy do they manage to do that.


When it comes to an upmarket and prestigious school there are very few that can beat Princeton. However, you just know that they will not be happy at ranking number six in the list of the best psychology schools in the country as their pride is at stake and it will have undoubtedly been dented by this revelation.



UCB is ranked fifth in a list of the best psychology schools in the country and it should really come as no surprise as this is a school that constantly ranks high in a number of key areas. Students here come away with a well rounded education and they draw in students from not only across the US, but also the world.


Yale is right up there with Harvard when it comes to tradition and prestige, but it is only ranked as the fourth best psychology school in the country and that must hurt them. If you go to this school you just know that people are going to listen to you, so good luck in trying to get accepted.



UCLA is the third best psychology school in the United States and indeed a number of top psychologists have passed through its doors and went on to have fabulous careers. It is not only well known for its teaching, but also the research carried out in this particular field.


When it comes to psychology schools, then Stanford run Harvard a close second, but of course you probably already expected that due to the general reputation that Stanford has in education. For this, it is the quality of the education that puts it up there as one of the best in the world and people do have better careers after being here.



Harvard is seen as being the top psychology school not only in the United States, but it is also seen as being the best one in the entire world. They undoubtedly have an amazing reputation, but of course it does also mean that it is exceptionally difficult to get into the course, so only the best get to study at the best.


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