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Bad Ghost Pics

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 7:38 pm

1.Just blur that spectator

In this photograph all they have done is take three spectators and play around with their image. There is nothing about them that says they are a ghost when we all know that in just a couple of minutes you can also make this image thanks to computer graphics programs.

2.Look in the window

Apparently this is proof of ghosts, but you do question why the ghost is stuck on the outside looking in because is it not usually the other way around? These two guys also just happened to be posing in that position for it to be taken, so the entire thing is just suspect.

3.A running ghost?

As you can see some mist has been circled, but that is not the strangest part. The people that took this photograph say that this is in lane 4, but that somebody was murdered in lane 5 so it has to be their ghost. Erm you are outside at night and are you saying the ghost is stuck in a couple of lanes on a running track?

4.It's just a drawing

This is just a drawing that has been added to the photograph and then blended in better. The lines are just far too sharp and crisp for it to be anything else and it is no surprise that it has been debunked by a lot of people.

5.Why do that to your kid?

This parent must have had a lot of spare time on their hands since they have decided to try to turn their child into a ghost. They have used the 3d effect tool again, but is there any point in trying to trick people into believing this one?

6.You just altered it didn't you

These two girls claim that they caught a ghost on camera during their vacation, but did they really? Is this not just another person in the photograph and they have played around with their image to make them see-through?

7.Oh so true

How could anybody hope that they could fool others with this photograph? As the text at the bottom says it has just had an effect added to it, but anybody with even a basic knowledge of Photoshop can do this and there is no way that it is a ghost.


8.Your grandfather is a ghost

How could anybody claim that this shows a ghost? Do you see anything ghostly going on here? Instead it is just a blurred normal photograph with somebody doing this in order to get some kind of effect. If you are going to try faking a photograph, then at least do a good job of it.

9.Erm it is just your head

The person that took this photograph tried to claim that it was a ghost, but is it? This is just somebody moving their head fast as the photograph is taken and then the entire shot is blurred slightly, so that does not qualify as a ghost.


10.Is it a ghost?

The people that own this restaurant tried to claim that this was a ghost caught on camera. However, it is just light being reflected and in actual fact it looks like some smoke as well. This is also something that could easily be put onto a photograph using the likes of Photoshop.

11.Debunked by a pro

This photograph has actually been debunked by professionals, but you do wonder why they felt that they had to do that when it was already so obvious? The ghost was just far too bright and what is it supposed to be doing there? It is standing like a spectator.


12.You have blurred it too much

In this photo they have managed to blur the entire thing and not just the apparent ghost. This does kind of give the game away that it is a person standing with a sheet over them, so if you are going to do this, then do learn how to use Photoshop correctly.


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