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Batman 3D Tattoos

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 3:51 pm

1.Joker Jack

This tattoo does take you back to an older version of the Joker, played by Jack Nicholson and Batman by Michael Keaton and both are reflected in this wonderful tattoo. The best part is that it has stood the test of time as the colors are fantastic and the detail really does bring the piece of art to life. How often would you end up showing people this tattoo if you were the proud owner?

2.Batman despair

The reason why this one is cool is because it does show Batman in a different light as he is not being portrayed as the big powerful superhero. Instead, showing him in despair is certainly a change, but it is a tattoo that is very well done and once again it is better to have more detail on him than it is to spend all of your time on the city.

3.Batman model

First, you need to look past the fact that Batman is standing here like he is a model in a brochure because the actual work that has gone into this design really is first class. There are so many individual lines and shading that has to be done to complete this that you cannot help but be amazed at it. You will also see that the size of the tattoo is just perfect as well for where it has gone on the body.

4.Batman and Joker

This half sleeve tattoo is crammed full of artwork and it does depict quite a good scene with Batman battling against the Joker. It actually works better that there has been less attention paid to the buildings in the background as it allows you to focus on what is actually going on with the main part of the tattoo.


OK so this tattoo is not all about Batman as there are other characters in there, but he does have pride of place and the detail that is in him is why he deserves to be listed here. You can almost feel him running towards you and the entire tattoo is really a work of art that is only to be admired. This must have taken a long time to complete, but you can see that it really was worth it in the end.


This picture can only be described as Batman posing for a photograph as that is what it looks like from this angle. It is certainly very well done from a professional point of view and it does cover the upper arm very well indeed, but perhaps it would have been better if it was straight rather than at this angle.

7.Batman chest

Yes this is a tattoo showing Batman in your chest, but you have to admire it for the way in which it has been done as it really is a superb example of how creative some people can actually be. The colors are strong, there is just enough detail in there, and ultimately it is sized very well indeed giving the tattoo balance on the body.


8.The Joker

This tattoo is unbelievably good and it is probably one of the best tattoos you will see showing the latest incarnation of the Joker. The detail in the face is so good and you do get that menacing feel about it as he stares back at you. This is a tattoo that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.


This tattoo has been included as it is different from so many others as there is a bit of Van Gogh in there rather than a straightforward tattoo. This does give it a different look, but it is one that does actually still work even if you have to look at it a couple of times to actually work out what is going on.



This is one seriously cool arm tattoo of Batman and you have to admire the skill and talent of the artist behind it. Yes it is dark, but that adds to the feeling you get when you look at it and the way in which the artist has managed to get so much into such a small area really does show the amount of skill that they have. This is a tattoo that you would rightfully be showing off at every given opportunity.


This tattoo is seriously well done and it does give the impression of the Batman suit sitting under the skin just waiting to burst out. Once again with this kind of tattoo it is all about the skin and the way that it is done that really does help to finish the look and this is certainly something that people will ask you about if you are the owner of it.



How about this for a tattoo on your leg? There is no doubt that this is an amazing Batman tattoo that you feel is about to leap off their leg and go to do some crime fighting. The detail in it is outstanding and the color balance is just perfect leading to a tattoo that you would be seriously proud of having on your body.


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