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Benefits Of Reading

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 4:30 pm

1.Exercise Your Brain

Just like you work out your body, you should work out your mind. And just like the muscles in your body grow and strengthen, so does your brain. Every time you read, you exercise your brain, build you connections and increase blood flow. A healthy brain is a smart brain.


Stressed out? Pick up a book and read. Being immediately transported to a new world, will alleviate any stress in your day. Forget the laundry, your annoying co-worker, or demanding boss. When you read, you travel with your mind, far away from any of your bothersome daily life woes.

3.Increase Vocabulary

The best, and most fun, way to increase your vocabulary is through readings. Every time you pick up a book you learn new words, ,or refresh your memory of words you already know. Keeping these words on the tip of your tongue, allows you to be more well-spoken, with a richer vocabulary.

4.Increase Memory

Reading increases your brain's ability to remember, and it can stave off the development of the debilitating disease of Alzheimer's. As you read and remember characters, places and plot, it creates synapses in your brain, further increasing your memory. Short term memory becomes better, and long term memory is strengthened.

5.Increase Focus and Concentration

When you read a book, it requires your full concentration. Unlike, browsing the internet or watching television, where you attention is pulled in a million different directions, reading allows you to concentrate and focus. Honing in on this ability gives you a great skill to use in every day life when you can't seem to focus.

6.Be A Better Writer

Fact: A great writer has read a lot of books. The more you read the better you become as a writer, as you learn the pacing, story structure and character development in the books you like. By reading you learn how to paint a picture of the story with vivid detail.

7.Gain More Knowledge

By reading you gain knowledge on just about anything. Even when reading fiction, you learn details about people, places and things, that you may not known otherwise. Or, you can pick up a book on most any topic, to specifically learn about whatever you care about, or want to know about.


8.Be More Cultured

As you read you become immersed in different cultures, learning how other people live, how other countries work and how things came to be. Even without traveling, you can learn new languages, nuances and habits of the many different cultures in the world. It's a great way to expand your horizons.

9.Increase Analytical Thinking

Another great benefit of reading is that it increases your ability to analyze and problem solve. A great crime or mystery novel allows you to think, collect data in your mind, and try to solve the case. The areas of your brain responsible for cognitive thinking are stimulated and stretched, giving you more ability delve deeper and analyze real life data more accurately.


10.Sleep Like A Baby

If you want to sleep like a baby - read! Instead of watching television or working on your computer, read a good book. It lulls you to sleep as it soothes, rather than stimulates the body. Lighting from television and computer screens excite the brain, making it harder to fall asleep, or stay asleep.

11.Alleviates Depression

Reading also helps with depression. An idle mind has nowhere to go but down, but reading a story takes you to new places, boosting your spirits, teaching you things you never knew, and introducing you to new worlds. Fiction and fantasy are the best reads for alleviating depression and boosting serotonin in the brain.


12.Builds Empathy

One great benefit of reading is gaining empathy. When reading fiction, the reader learns to empathize with different types of people as they fall in love with the characters. Even by hating some characters, you learn to walk in their shoes, and maybe see how they became that way, helping you in real life to be more understanding. As


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