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Best Bottled Water To Drink

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 4:35 pm

1.Nestle Pure LIfe Purified Water

Nestle Pure LIfe Purified Water is enhanced with natural minerals after going through a reverse osmosis process. The taste is fresh and pure, making it one of the more popular bottled waters on the market. Using 40% less plastic in their bottles leaves behind less of a carbon footprint on earth.

2.Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial has made a name for itself in the fashion world, having been selected by Christian Dior as the hydration for their new line os skincare products, Diorsnow. Sourced in Iceland at the 4,500 year old Olfus Spring, it has a carbon footprint of zero, making it 100% green.

3.Volvic Natural Spring Water

Volvic Natural Spring Water originates in France and is distributed to more than sixty countries, worldwide. The Old Auvergne Volcanoes in Regional Park contains the basin that supplies the water that was discovered in 1927. It wasn't bottled until 1965, when the French Ministry of Health authorized it, naming it after the town from which its sourced, Volvic.

4.Ty Nant Natural Mineral WaterT

Ty Nant Mineral Water is sourced in the Wales' Cambrian Mountains, first hitting the scene in 1989 in London's elite hotels. Naturally filtered through mineral deposits dating back to almost 500 million years ago, this lightly carbonated water is popular in the United States, so much so, that it is distributed in the US more than in London.

5.Mountain Valley Spring Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water began in 1871, and has been a favorite of world class athletes and Hollywood celebrities. Bottled in Arkansas in the hills between the Glazypeau and Cedar Mountains, this water has a unique mineral composition that is believed to help chronic disorders. If the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, loved it, then it must be good.

6.San Pellegrino Water

San Pellegrino is about 760 years old and originates in the spring of the same name. Located in the mountains north of Milan, Italy, Leonardo da Vinci put its name on the map. Believing it had curative powers, da Vinci was an avid drinker of this particular water. Today San Pelligrino is one of the most popular brands of water, averaging over 500 million in sales.

7.Perrier Mineral Water

The naturally sparking mineral water, Perrier, is sourced from a spring in Vergeze, France. The water and carbonation are recombined in the bottled process after being taken from the spring separately. This water is available in many flavors, all fresh and fizzy. The bottle itself is just as interesting, as it was inspired by spring owner Sir Saint-John Harmswoth to look like Indian clubs used for exercise.


8.Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

Farralle was founded in 1893 and is known as Italy's number one sparkling mineral water. Italians have been drinking the water directly from its source, in the Campania region, for hundreds of years. Originating in a spring near the Roccamonfina volcano this water is smooth with just the right amount of fizzy.

9.Evian Natural Spring Water

One of the best waters you can drink is Evian, discovered during the French revolution. This water begins its journey as melted snow and rain running through glacial sand over a fifteen years period, then into a mountain tunnel in the Source Cache, located in France. Thought to have restorative and curative powers, the water is bottled in France in a highly hygienic bottling plant.


10.Gerolsteiner Mineral Water

Considered the number one water in Germany, Gerolsteiner water originates in the springs of Volcanic Eifel. Flowing from rocky volcanic reservoirs located two hundred feet below the ground. As it flows through the ancient rocks, minerals such as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate enters the water, giving our bodies a dose of essential nutrients every time we drink it.

11.FIJI Natural Artesian WaterFIJI

FIJI Water is bottled at the source on one of Fiji's two main islands, Yagara Valley of Viti Levu. What began in 1996 has led to this water being considered the number one imported water in the United States. A natural artesian water, it has a unique mineral profile, including a high silica concentration.



One of the most identifiable bottles out there, Voss water comes in its own designer bottle, give it a classy appeal. Bottled in Southern Norway, this water is naturally unfiltered and is available in still and sparkling. The brand first was available in posh hotels in Europe before hitting the United States.


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