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Best Colorblindness Tests You Must Try

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 7:08 pm

1.Oh Dear

Do you see the green tree? Great. Now do you see something else in front of the tree? If you have red green colorblindness, chances are you don't see it. Color blindness an begin in childhood, or you may be born with it, which can make learning hard. The answer is: A deer.

2.Little Mermaid Message

Can you see the message written here in the sea of reds and yellows? It's written in greens. If you cannot see it then you have the most common type of colorblindness. Some colorblind people only see in black and white, but those cases are rare. The answer is: Ariel color active some people see no difference."

3.Lucky Number __?

For the colorblind they don't see this lucky number hidden in the circle. Colorblind people may have had normal vision at one time, but aging, injury, medication or disease could have changed it so that their eyes are no longer able to see the reds, greens and blue or some variation of that.

4.A Seal Or A Sail?

There is a picture hidden in this picture that only those with normal vision can see. A colorblind who cannot distinguish between green and blue will see random colors with no pattern. If you see a sailboat here, then you have normal vision. If you see anything else, you are colorblind.

5.Love It or Shove it

This shirt is hilarious. This person is wearing a shirt that says one thing to the color blind and another to everyone else. Colorblind people will find him to be nice while those will normal vision will laugh out loud. If you see "Love the colorblind" written on this shirt, then you are colorblind. If you see "Shove the colorblind" then you have normal vision.

6.Secret Code Manicure

This is a clever manicure design, with a secret code that maybe her colorblind friend will never see because they are colorblind. Notice how the numbers are all in either red, blue or green. That's because those are the colors that are not interpreted in a color blind person. The answer is: 0328

7.Who Are Colorblind?

Can you see what is written here? If so, you are not color blind. Colorblind people will see an array of different colors but will not be able to see the orange lettering. Those people do see color, they just have a hard time distinguishing the three basic colors of red, green and blue. The answer is" Children are colorblind."


8.Henry The ___th?

Do you see an number in this circle? For most us the answer is "yes." However, for those who are colorblind the do not see the number. These are the types of tests doctors use to determine what type of colorblindness you have. The answer here is the number 8.

9.Look Closely

If you don't see any number here, then you are perfectly fine. This is just a random set of colors for someone who is not color blind, however, for someone who is colorblind they will see a number appear. What do you see here? Colorblindness can be inherited from mother to daughter.


10.Who Will Eat Whom?

Red green colorblindness is the most common type of color blindness. A person with only that type of colorblindness would be able to make out the two animals in this picture, however if they have complete color blindness they will not. Answer: A bear on the left and a deer on the right.

11.Red Green Colorblind

A person who is truly red green color blind would see no writing on this shirt. That's why it's funny to give a person this shirt because he won't know what it says. Can you read it? It says, "I am red green color blind. My friend told me this shirt is funny. Please laugh after reading."


12.He'll Like Your Face

Color blindness affects .5% of women and 2% of men. There are varying degrees of color blindness in which some people just cannot see certain colors. A person who cannot see different shades in the orange spectrum would not be able to make out the picture in this circle. Answer: Dog.


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