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Best Disney Princess Love Quotes

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:28 pm

1.Princess Merida

"Brave's Merida is one of the wisest Disney Princesses to ever be created. After battling with her mother to allow her to love her enough to live her own life, Merida learns the hard way not to test fate, but to follow her destiny instead. "There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it."


Megara was the only woman who could tame the egotistical Hercules. She had her own values, goals and wasn't afraid to voice her opinion. Megara had been by herself for so long that her mindset was that "Sometimes it's better to be alone..Nobody can hurt you." Though this quote rings true, if you truly want to find love you have to take risks and put yourself out there.


Mulan's reflections showed her that she loved herself more than her legacy or father. She says, "Maybe I just wanted to look in the mirror and see someone worthwhile... But I was wrong... I see nothing!" After failing to help her father, Mulan realizes that she embarked on her voyage to rescue her father because had something to prove to herself. She wanted a chance to do something right, and even though she initially failed, she found the strength to turn things around.

4.Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine could have had any man in the kingdom, but she chose Aladdin. Their magic carpet ride is one of the most recognized scenes in cinematic history. Though "A Whole New World" is Aladdin's song, Jasmine's verse showed her true love for Ali. She sings, "I'll chase them anywhere. There's time to spare. Let me share this whole new world with you." When a woman starts talking about sharing her world with a guy, it's time to go ring shopping.

5.Tangled (Rapunzel)

For someone who was trapped in a tour for most of her life, Tangled's Rapunzel had a lot of knowledge on love. After untying Flynn and looking into his eyes, she just knew that their meeting was fate. "Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will... fate... destiny..." It wasn't until later on in the movie that she realized her true feelings for Flynn, but it was pretty obvious from the start.

6.Aurora's Once Upon A Dream

"Once Upon a Dream" is the most memorable song from Sleeping Beauty. It's the moment in the film where Aurora is playing around with the woodland animals and envisioning the man she once dreamt of. She sings, "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you; the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. Yet I know it's true, that visions are seldom all they seem... but if I know you, I know what you'll do: you'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream." Women always say who their dream guy is, but Aurora actually did have a dream about her future guy and he showed up to sing the song with her.


Ariel was a good mermaid who always did what her father, Triton, said. That all changed, however, when she met Prince Eric. One of the most powerful moments in the movie is when Ariel professed her love for Eric. "Daddy, I love him!" It was a turning point in the film, as it was the first time she had ever said the L-word to someone other than her father. The word 'love' may seem easy, but not everyone can say it out loud.


8.Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana was set on following her dreams of owning her own restaurant. In addition to that desire, Tiana wanted to find true love. In the movie The Princess and the Frog, she said, "Daddy never got what he wanted... but he had what he needed: love! He never gave that up, and neither will I!" For Tiana, love wasn't just a 'want,' it was a 'need' and with any need, Tiana was not going to stop until she attained it.

9.Snow White

Snow White was a naive hopeless romantic. Her naivety led her into the witch's clutches, but it also allowed her to find the man of her dreams. One of the most memorable scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is when she begins telling her new friends a story. She starts, "Once there was a girl, and she fell in love." This quote is simple, but it's been used countless times in live-action movies.



Belle from Beauty and the Beast put it best when she said, "there always will be a time when the world is filled with peace and love." No matter what's going on in the world, the feeling of love will always exist somewhere. Tragedy and war always brings people closer together. While one set of people is suffering, those untouched are counting their blessings for living to see another day.


Every little girl dreams of finding their Prince Charming thanks to Cinderella. Her quote, "So this is love, so this is what makes divine," while dancing with Prince Charming was magical. They didn't know one another very long, but they knew they were meant to be from the very start. It just goes to show that love can happen at just about any time and any place.



Men are typically the ones who throw themselves on a sword to save the one they love, but Pocahontas is no damsel in distress. The pioneer stood her ground and was willing to fight for John Smith when his life was on the line. She told her father, "If you kill him, you'll have to kill me, too. ... I love him, Father." Pocahontas had her dad eating out of her hand with that quote, as he was not going to kill her over some disposable man.


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