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Best Harry Potter Tattoos

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 5:24 pm

There are two types of people in this world, those who love harry Potter series and others who are lying, Harry Potter movies are the most successful film series based on novels. It has the craziest fan following around the world, But some fans took it beyond the scope of watching the movies over and over again, buying Harry Potter merchandise. They got tattooed with their favorite quotes and faces of Harry Potter series, here are 14 amazing tattoos based on Harry Potter movies.
7.It had to be done

It is no surprise to find out that somebody has indeed gone ahead and had the school crest done as a tattoo. It is colorful, it is cool, and you really cannot blame them when it looks this good.

It had to be done-Best Harry Potter Tattoos


This tattoo is actually quite philosophical and that is a recurring theme with tattoos from Harry Potter that also includes quotes. We also have to say that the owl is cool as well.

Philosophical-Best Harry Potter Tattoos

9.Colorful and cool

Come on you looked at the cover of the book and thought that it would be a cool character to have as a tattoo and you were right. The little quote does also add to it, but this tattoo is well placed as well as being well drawn.

Colorful and cool-Best Harry Potter Tattoos

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