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Best Things You Can Have With Beer

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 8:12 pm

1.Weddings and Beer

Weddings can be tense and also frilly affairs. So, add beer and suddenly it all just looks so much better. Beer can cause weddings to be super places to be for all of us!

2.Barbecue and Beer

A place called heaven could be a place with a barbecue and beers. Throw in a naked woman with an apron on and heaven could be a place on earth.

3.Poker and Beer

Imagine playing poker and drinking coffee. There is just something so blah about any fun gambling game without a great beer.

4.Stag Parties and Beer

A bachelor party without beer is like that party without a bachelor. In fact, all invitations should have beers on them as mandatory!

5.Good Mates and Beer

Nothing could make a better day or evening than best mates and beer. So many good and horrific memories centre around best friends having a beer!

6.Shooting Pool and Beer

Pool without beer is a bit like fish without chips, or a burger without meat. Beer must have been invented for pool surely! Cocktails and pool somehow doesn't cut it.

7.Beer and Nuts

Nuts are a fantastic snack to have with beer and also highly recommended too if you are planning a long evening of beer swilling. There is just something so tasty about the ice cold beer and salty snack mix. What can we say? Beer drinkers are easy to please!


8.Beer and Bikinis

Some things were just meant to be together, like bikinis and beer. A girl holding a beer in a bikini has to be heaven.

9.Yard Cleaning After Beer

The best part about cleaning the yard is having a beer afterwards due to the absolute satisfaction that you are feeling. Not to mention the clean yard. Of course!


10.Beer and Titties

Nothing could be better than beer, well there are of course titties. Which one is better? That is a hard decision so why not have both. They just seem to go so well together. If you can't find other peoples titties to enjoy you can always attach beer bottles to your own titties to amuse yourself.

11.Beer and Weekends

What is a weekend without beer? It's not a weekend of course! Having a relaxing beer on a Friday signifies the end of the week and two days of just doing whatever you feel like. Plus, you can have as many as you want since a hangover is just not that bad on a weekend.


12.Camping and Beer

Nothing tastes better than a nice cold beer after you have set up camp. It has something to do with the excellent view, the holiday atmosphere and the sense of wild adventures ahead.


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