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Best Tips To Make Your Home Eco Friendly

Sunday, Jul 26, 2020, 7:30 pm

1.Move your fridge

This may sound strange, but if your fridge is near an oven or a vent, then do you know it has to work that bit harder in order to keep the stuff inside cool? It makes sense to make sure that your fridge sits there on its own in a corner where it cannot be influenced and you will save energy and money in the process.

2.Avoid using excess light

If you are not going to be in a room, then why have the light on at all? Sure it makes it look all nice and cozy, but you are just wasting energy and money by doing this, so just put them on as you move around and by all means if you plan on being in a room for some considerable length of time then get a few on.

3.Block up draughts

If you block up draughts it should lead to you using less energy to heat the place and in turn you make your home more eco friendly. Consider using draught excluders in the winter to stop all of that energy from escaping under the door.

4.Get rid of those old light bulbs

Look at changing all of those old light bulbs for the newer more environmentally friendly ones. They last longer, waste less energy, and still give you more than enough light.

5.Service your heating

It is essential that you service your heating on a yearly basis as this will help to keep it as efficient as possible. If it is more than 10 years old you should also look at replacing it for a more energy efficient model.

6.Double glazed windows

So much heat and energy is lost through windows, but you can make a difference by simply switching to double glazing rather than the single pane options. You will notice that rooms are warmer as well as being quieter and your bills will be lower as well.

7.Solar panels

Consider having solar panels installed in order to generate your own power and become pretty much self-sufficient. If you are lucky you might even be able to get some money towards the cost of having them installed due to the way in which they help the environment.


8.Cavity walls

If you are in a type of building that has cavity walls do make sure that you get them insulated. You will notice that your bills drop and you will feel warmer as well.

9.Water based paints

Forget using those heavy paints and look for those that are water based. This is kinder on your nose for the smells as well as the environment so just walk on past the oil based options.


10.Only use local people

Making your home eco friendly does not only involve home improvements as it is also all about using local resources as well. Think of the lower carbon footprint if you use local materials and a company that travels five miles to get to you rather than 100.

11.Loft insulation

So much heat is lost out of your roof, so insulate that space as quickly as possible. Consider using a natural material or recycled insulation to help the environment further.


12.Underfloor heating

Do yourself a favor and get rid of those radiators on the wall and change to underfloor heating. They are far more efficient and also do not take up space in the room while managing to keep you nice and warm.


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