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Best Watch Brands 2013

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 6:38 pm


Bulova say that they produce the most accurate watch in the world to within 10 seconds over the course of an entire year. That is indeed impressive, but you have to admit that their watches do actually look very good as well. They are sturdy, cool, and not as expensive as you may have expected.


Breitling has been one of the key watch brands in the last few years as they are known for building absolutely stunning watches that you just cannot help but fall in love with. Their accuracy is astonishing and you just feel amazing when you are wearing one on your wrist as you know that you have something special in your possession.


This company is different in that every single piece is made by an individual watchmaker, so there is that human hand on each one rather than them being mass produced, You can imagine how long it takes one person to make a single watch, but at least you know it has been made by an expert who will take a great deal of pride in what they do.

4.Audemars Piguet

This watch brand is very well known for being quite innovative in its design and this is a perfect example. As you can see the numbers are all over the place, and at first it may confuse you when it comes to telling the time, but these watches are very well made and when you master the clock you will love it.


Hublot have been around for some time and there is no doubt that they have managed to build up a fantastic reputation for themselves over the last few decades. They are known for strong design along with very accurate watches and even if this example is not to your tastes, then they will undoubtedly have something you love.


This has to be one of the most well respected watch brands that you will find in the world as they do have a very strong reputation for producing watches that are very accurate, sturdy, and look fantastic. If people see you wearing this kind of watch, then they know that you are doing quite well for yourself and you value style right down to the accessories in your outfit.

7.Jaeger Le-Coultre

As you can see here, these watches are very different in their design and others in their range actually show you even more of the internal workings than this variety. You have to admit that this watch is cool and it will certainly draw attention to your wrist as well as telling you the time as well.



What can be said about Cartier that you are not already aware of? Everybody knows that if you are looking for something that represents luxury, then this is the brand to have and their watches are no exception. They are quality, they look good, and they work, so what else do you need?


The thing about this company is that they do not believe in producing flashy watches, but instead they are all about simplicity and clean cut design. This has led to them being frowned upon by certain people, but they are still seen as being one of the best watch brands in the world in 2013.



This company has been working since 1775, so you would expect them to have perfected the art of producing a quality time piece and the truth of the matter is that you will not be disappointed. Even the dial is exquisite and you would feel honored to wear something this good.

11.Patek Philippe

These watches are rare as this is a company that does not go in for mass producing their watches, but instead they are handcrafted and made to such high standards that you would not believe the work that goes into them. These watches are seriously good, but you need to have a good bank balance in order to own one.



It really should not shock you to discover that Rolex is still seen as being the best watch brand in the world. This company is all about quality and if you are lucky enough to own one, as they are expensive, then you know that you have the perfect watch on your wrist.


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