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Biggest Firms In The World

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 4:09 pm


Total has a revenue of $240 billion each year and even though this may be small compared to some companies out there it is still a huge amount of money to generate in what is a very competitive industry. Obviously this is all about oil and gas and this company actually employs over 110,000 people around the world who all make sure that they keep making a profit.


Thanks to them having a revenue of $242 billion each year, Chevron is one of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world. They also employ over 60,000 people doing different jobs in various parts of the world, but they make so much money thanks to people being aware of their brand and trusting them with what they do.


When it comes to revenue, Volkswagen are the biggest car manufacturers in the world as they have a revenue of $254 billion and employ over 500,000 people. They have built this revenue thanks to their reputation as being a company to trust and one that builds reliable vehicles and people simple love them, so that is why they are so willing to spend their money getting one of their vehicles.

4.State Grid

The State Grid Corporation of China is the biggest electricity utilities company in the world with an annual revenue of $290 billion and a workforce of over 1,500,000. They basically control electricity supplies in China, so you can see how they make so much money and need to employ so many people just to keep things running.


Vitol focuses on the commodities market and this is why it has generated a revenue of $303 billion even though it employs less than 3000 people around the world. What this company does is it specializes in shipping oil around the world, so they make a fortune out of transportation as well as storage.

6.Saudi Aramco

It might be a bit of a surprise to find out that you had to go past several companies before finding an oil and gas company clearly linked to the Middle East. Saudi Aramco generates a revenue of $365 billion and employs over 50,000 people, so they are huge and they certainly play an integral role in the oil and gas industry in that particular part of the world.


BP has to be one of the most well known oil and gas companies in the world and they are also one of the biggest with a revenue of $370 billion a year. They were of course in the news in the last few years due to oil spills, but that only made a slight dent in the money they made that year as they generate so much money, and are expanding, that they will always be one of the biggest companies in the world.



This is another oil and gas company in China and Asia and it has a revenue of $411 billion per year. It just gives an indication as to how big the market is in Asia when you have two companies that are fighting against one another with revenues that both exceed more than $400 billion and you just know that it is going to grow in the next few years as well.

9.China Petrol

This is the logo for the China National Petroleum Company and they are one of the biggest firms in the world thanks to a revenue of $425 billion a year. They do of course have the huge Chinese market tied up as well as other markets in Asia leading to them generating those vast sums of money thanks to natural resources.


10.Exxon Mobile

Close behind Shell is Exxon Mobile with revenues that reach $453 billion a year, so they really are not that far behind their main rival. Clearly this is still a colossal figure and it means they are generating revenue of over a billion every single day, so this shows the scale that these firms are operating on.

11.Royal Dutch Shell

Royal Dutch Shell have an annual revenue in the region of $467 billion a year and this does make them the biggest company in the oil and gas industry although not by as big a margin as you initially thought. This is a company that has bases all over the world and they supply so much of this very important fuel that they will be one of the biggest companies in the world for quite some time.



Wal-Mart is the biggest firm in the world thanks to a revenue that stands at $469 billion a year. This is massive, massive money, but of course this is only in revenue as there are other companies out there that are more profitable than them, but it still means that they deserve to be listed as one of the biggest firms in the world.


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