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Bizarre Body Modification Implants

Thursday, Mar 25, 2021, 4:07 pm

10.Abdomen lumps

Here's another ladylike female who somehow decided that she needed her appearance to be augmented through invasive surgery. Just keep in mind that decades from now she may have to explain to her grandchildren why her abdomen looks like something from another galaxy. I wish her good luck in advance!

Abdomen lumps-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

11.Implanted heart

Now this is a breathtakingly romantic gesture! A young woman gets a raised implanted heart just above her real heart. Let's just hope she doesn't ever find herself getting punched in the chest. Not only would it be painful, it might just result in her suffering a broken heart.

Implanted heart-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

12.Star chest

My guess is that this fellow made a decision to place something inside his body that indicated to the world that he is his own man and that he rejects any attempt by society to force him into conformity. Either that or he made a decision to swallow a starfish whole.

Star chest-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

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