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Bizarre Body Modification Implants

Thursday, Mar 25, 2021, 4:07 pm

16.Elf Ears

Being an Elf had never been cooler than before. Some movie fanatics go for this painful stitching of upper ears to look like an Elf, The procedure is called Ear Pointing. The modified ear is then implanted with fancy objects to give an Elf look. Not being judgmental here but what do they get exactly? It's not like you can get the powers of an Elf? Not to forget you can never get your natural ear shape back again.

Elf Ears-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

17.Extraocular Implant

Eye is probably the most beautiful and amazing sense organ of our body. It allows you to see the beautiful world around you but some people find it too mainstream to have an eye without something fancy in there. They want to have a platinum alloy inserted under their cornea to make them stand out in public. But my question is what does it give them except for the attention? If satisfaction, What kind of satisfaction? What if something goes wrong during or after the implant, What are they going to do then?

Extraocular Implant-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

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