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Bizarre Birthmarks Ever

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8:12 am

1.A dog on a dog

Yes these markings on this dog do indeed resemble another dog and that in itself is bizarre, but also hilarious at the same time. The fact that the face looks a little bit sad just adds to the entire thing and it is shame we do not see the real head of the real dog.

2.The cat loves you

Yes that is indeed a heart on the cat and there is a good chance that you would be over the moon about this if you were its owner. It is rather cute to see it, but at the same time it is still strange that something natural has turned out this way.

3.Playing tricks on the eyes

If you look quickly here, then you would think that it was a cat sitting on a cat, but it is just its natural markings playing a trick on you. However, how cool is it to see this mark just in the perfect shape of the cat itself?

4.Heart shaped

No this has not been altered on photoshop, but instead this child does indeed have a birthmark on their foot that is in the shape of a heart. In some ways this is actually quite cool and maybe you are even slightly jealous.

5.The poor child

You cannot help but feel sorry for this child since they have been left with this horrible birthmark in a very prominent place. The saddest part is if they are from a poor family as they will be unable to get the treatment that is required meaning their life will always be quite tough.

6.World leaders

This birthmark actually looks like a part of Russia called Durak Aprel, which is on the edge of Siberia. That is quite useful considering it is on the head of the ex-leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.

7.Right on the nose

In some ways you look at the baby and think awww...but then you also tend to smile and have a bit of a giggle at the way that it does resemble a clown nose. At least they have done something about it and it will have made her life so much easier.


8.Look..a dog!!

Yes so maybe you do need to have the mark outlined in this way, but it does end up being in the shape of a dog if you squint your eyes hard enough. At least this one would be a talking point, if you are in the habit of showing off your feet.

9.Funny shape

This birthmark does seem to be like the outline of Afghanistan and it is amazing how accurate it actually is. This does make you start to wonder if there are other countries out there just waiting to be discovered in birthmarks.


10.An uncomfortable birthmark

This birthmark is uncomfortable to look at because it just looks as if there is something really wrong with the skin of the child. However, this is something that can be tackled, so it should not bother them too much or for too long.

11.Facial birthmarks

It must be tough having a birthmark on your face and this one is unusual due to the way in which it is a series of dots. At least the kid still looks happy, so that is the most important thing.


12.This is a birthmark

Even though you may not initially think so, this is indeed a birthmark. You have to feel sorry for the guy as it is quite a rare type that is also exceptionally hairy, but with the correct treatment things can be improved for him.


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