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Christmas Gift Ideas

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 7:19 pm

1.Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

The only scale on the market that communicates with your laptop, iPad or iPhone, the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale tracks your weight and lets you know your body fat percentage and BMI. The information is sent to your online profile at Here you can take control of your weight, learning your BMI while tracking and plotting any changes.

2.Dexter The Complete Series

Bundled in only a way that a true Dexter fan could appreciate, this eight season Bluray set features over three hours of special features, including interviews and the Evolution of Dexter Morgan Documentary. The discs come packaged in a white humanoid head with a bloody slit under his eye. Included is Grafix artwork and photography book.

3.Dry Bar Blowout In A Box

Drybar Blowout In A Box gives you the blowout experience, you typically only can get at a salon, at home. With the Buttercup blow dryer, full pint round brush, mini Happy Hour Shampoo & Conditioner, mini Hot Toddy Heat Protector & Frizz Fighter, and mini The Chaser Shine Cream. The Buttercup blow dryer is used by over 1,500 stylists nationwide, at Drybar locations.

4.Reebok Adjustable Kettle Bell

This cool adjustable kettle bell from Reebok, allows you to adjust the weight from five pounds to twenty five pounds with the click of a finger. No need for multiple kettle bells, you just adjust the weight in one sleek unit. A great gift for fitness fanatics in your life.

5.Uggs Australia Leather & Shearling Tech Earmuffs with Headphones

For the techie who wants to stay warm this winter, Ugg Australia Leather & Shearling Tech Earmuffs with headphones warms your ears while you listen to your favorite tunes. Soft sheepskin shearling lined muffs, fit comfortably over your ears while the build in speakers allow you to hear music as well as phone calls. the high performance inline mic allows you to talk easily.

6.On The Rocks Whiskey Stones

On The Rocks Whiskey Stones are made from non-porous soapstone, that cool your drink without watering it down or adding unwanted flavors or odors that you can get from ice. The stones are stored in the refrigerator just like ice cubes, and when the need arises, you pop them into your drink. When you're done, rinse and re-freeze.

7.iPad Mini Air

The new iPad Mini Air is 20% thinner and 28% lighter than the the former iPad Mini. The 9.7 inch tablet is extremely light, weighing just one pound, and is the lightest full size tablet in the world. Doubling in CPU performance and graphics, this new iPad uses the came chip as the iPhone 5s.


8.Reverse Charades

Everyone knows how to play charades, but do you know how to play it backwards? In this game, instead of one person acting out words for their team to guess, the whole team acts out different words and one person from that team tries to guess as many of the words in one minute. It's hilarious fun.

9.North Face e-Tip Gloves

All the comfort and design of North Face products with the addition of their X-static finger tips on the index finger and thumb, allowing you to control your touch screen devices without having to remove your gloves. There is also the added benefit of a silicone grip on the palm side of the gloves, to give you extra control when handling slippery devices.


10.Furby Boom

A new generation of Furby Boom has hit the scene. Along with this colorful, furry creature is an app for the Iphone and IPad where adoptive parents of a Furby can collect digital eggs, hatch them and create a city filled with their own little Furblings. The cuddly Furby will react to your personality and how you treat it, dancing and speaking Furbish.

11.Lexington Table top Fireplace

This anywhere fireplace has a distinctive shape, with a high gloss finish. Enjoy real flames anywhere, without the hassle of searching for wood, lighting a fireplace, and getting ash and soot everywhere. It uses bio-ethanol fuel that can be refilled anytime it runs out.


12.Beat Bottle

A great gift idea for any active family member, friend or co-worker. An ideal way to store their phone, listen to music and have their water handy to rehydrate. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and keeps water cool too. With all the things we have to carry these days, this consolidates it, making it much easier to stay fresh.


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