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Cool Things To Make In Minecraft

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 5:29 pm

1.Pirate ship

If you are looking for something cool to build, but not as complex as other things, then how about a pirate ship? They can be a lot easier than the example here as this is pretty advanced when you really look at how it has been built, so think of an easy ship and get designing.


This is such a cool thing to build and if you compare this to a photograph of the real thing, then you will see how accurate it is. The person that made this is clearly very good at the game and designing things, but with some hard work and patience there is no reason to doubt that you will not be able to produce something as great as this yourself.

3.Mayan temple

How does having your own Mayan temple sound to you? This is different in style to the pyramids in Egypt as the style is very distinctive in its own right, but they are still going to need to be built to the same large scale and you have to admit it is still going to look pretty impressive.

4.Roller Coaster

How cool would it be to have a roller coaster on Minecraft? Well the good news is that not only can you build one, but there are also tutorials out there that will show you step by step how to do it. This does make life so much easier for you and by the end of it you should love what you have managed to build.


How about going Oriental and doing some Japanese buildings? They are very distinctive in style as you can see, but do yourself a favor and have several in an organized fashion because the Japanese love order and things to have their place, so it does just add to the overall appeal.


This is another cool example of taking an existing building, this time an ancient one, and turning it into something on Minecraft that can then be admired. The Parthenon is of course a ruin, but by doing this we can imagine what it looked like even though it is only on a computer game.


If you love ancient Egypt, then you are going to love building not only the great pyramid, but also the Sphinx as well. Quite a lot of work must have gone into its creation, but at the end of the day surely it is worth it when you produce something as cool as this?


8.Arc de Triomphe

It is a cool idea to take existing famous buildings in the world and turn it into something on Minecraft and this is the perfect example. The Arc de Triomphe is of course in Paris and you have to say that this is quite an accurate representation of it and it shows what is possible when you put your mind to it with this game.

9.Upside down

This is cool just because it is different and it is a perfect example of why you should think out of the box for something that is usually pretty normal. This upside down house will certainly grab some attention and it is easier to make than you think.


10.Public pool

How about a pool with sun loungers that is perfect for anybody to enjoy? This pool comes complete with diving boards of varying heights, so there has been a lot of thought gone into its creation leading to this cool example of what you can build in this game.

11.Olympic swimming

This is quite a cool thing to build and at least they have remembered to include the Olympic rings to make it easier to identify it. This should also throw up some different ideas as to sports and sporting arenas you could build on Minecraft.


12.Motte and Bailey

How cool is this? It is a full motte and bailey, which means the castle, the castle walls, and a small village at the side of it as well. This is seriously well done and it will probably inspire you into doing something similar although clearly put your own touch on your castle.


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