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Craziest Light Switches

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 3:55 pm

1.Themed Rooms

Themed rooms in your home will certainly benefit from a themed light switch. This of course denotes the Pool Room and could you think of a better light switch than this one?

2.Bear Collectors

Mad about bears? Then this is the light switch decoration for you. If you are not mad about bears then it won't be! In all honesty a lot of people may find this a bit on the trashy side.

3.Main Light Switch

This great idea includes a mother-board type of situation where you can see whether your lights are on or off at a glance. Clearly for very large houses or those with stairs.

4.Swarovski Crystal

Elegance and sophistication can be used anywhere in home decor, including light switches. These Swarovski crystal light switches come in various colors to match the elegant decor of your home. They are classy and will be perfect in the right setting.

5.A Nifty Reminder

Advertising pays so it is a good idea to get your idea up and about wherever you can. This nifty switch reminds you to 'turn on' and the person that came up with this idea was a genius.

6.Chilly Switch

Either someone is bored or we have a chilly switch on our hands. Every part of your home could be decorated with something, even the light switch.

7.Thinking Outside of the Box

If your company encourages lateral thinking this light switch could be a great reminder to think outside of the box. A great example too of 3D imagery and it shows you where modern day design is actually heading.


8.Power Saving Ghost

Power-saving and home security should see more of these switches about. One selection ensures you do not leave lights on too long and another selection could also convince would-be robbers that you are in fact at home.

9.Turn me On!

The double switch means that you could be unsure if you are turning her on or off. It will also look rather strange if one light is up and one is down because that would explain her rather strange look.


10.The Power of Edison

Imagine the first days of light, how confusing it all must have been! No more matches no more candles and no more early nights sleep. Edison really was exceptionally clever.


This switch is a power saving device. Hanging your coat on the hook turns the light on. So that when you leave and pick up your coat, the switch goes off.



Surely this place of worship realized how this switch looks? 'Come unto me little children' was not inscribed on the switch. Thank heavens! That would certainly send that congregation running for the hills.


This is probably more ingenious than crazy! A great place to leave a stick-it. Unless of course it is not dark when you leave home because then your great plan is suddenly going to look a bit stupid.


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