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Craziest New Types Of Tattoos

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:10 pm

1.Back of head

For guys that are bald this is certainly a craze that can actually be quite funny. You can kind of understand why they have decided to get the back of their head done and these eyes are made even funnier by the fold of skin making it look like a mouth as well.


It is quite amazing as to how many people get their armpit tattooed and you do wonder what the appeal is. However, there are a number of seriously cool, and at times quite funny, tattoos out there for this part of the body, so perhaps it is not as bad as you first thought.


A craze that is certainly spreading amongst bald guys, and in particular those going bald at an early age, is to have hair tattooed on their head. The idea here is that from a distance it looks like you have shaved it all off, but it is just a drawing and you can only imagine how long it would take.


Even if you have getting a tattoo done it is questionable as to when you reach that point that you look at your eyelids and think, yeah there is a space available! That just cannot be comfortable getting it done and there is no way it is possible if you are very sensitive when it comes to anybody moving towards your eyes.


This guy did indeed have a pair of spectacles tattooed onto his face and you have to kind of question his sanity. However, it is quite a funny tattoo to have done even though you do sit and think about how much he will regret it later on in life when those styles of glasses are no longer in fashion.


This is both crazy and it is cruel because who in their right mind would want to tattoo their animal? The most common ones are pigs and cats that are bald, for obvious reasons, but just giving them a tattoo is something that should not be done because they do not have a say in it.

7.Glow in the dark

This may seem crazy in getting special ink put onto your body so that it does glow in the dark, but at the same time you cannot help but look at this and be amazed at how cool it looks? People are now getting all kinds of things done from words to complete body art and you have to say that at least this is something that makes sense.


8.Your teeth

In a strange way this is cool, but in other ways you do wonder what on earth is going on and who thought that this would be a good idea in the first place. This picture does show that they can actually be quite good as you can see that they are Prince William and Kate, but surely it then renders your smile useless? 

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9.Inside of the lip

This is certainly a craze that has become more popular recently, but most people are going to cringe when they think about the inside of their lip being tattooed. The other thing to keep in mind is that you are very limited with what you can have done because you do not exactly have a lot of space.



The first thing that you find yourself thinking about is how on earth they manage to tattoo there and also why would you want to have it done when nobody is going to see it, not even you, unless you thrust yourself into a mirror? Just what exactly is the point of this particular tattoo?


The first thing that you have to wonder is just how sore this has to be when it is being done. You know how sore it can be when you bite your tongue by accident, so this must make that seem like a walk in the park.



This is not just crazy it is actually very dangerous indeed. The problem here is that the people that do the actual tattoo part are not qualified to work so closely with the eye and one wrong move can ultimately lead to you going blind. Is it worth the risk?


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