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Creative Car Covers

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 12:10 pm

1.FHM Cover

The creator of this FHM car cover obviously only had one thing on their mind. You won't see a female legislator or a Harvard graduate roaming around with this cover on display. In fact, this type of cover is for bachelors who enjoy staring at the female anatomy for hours at a time.

2.Grass Car Cover

This car cover will have you feeling a little green. Grass is not something people make a habit of touching unless they have to. Someone thought it was a good idea to create this nearly alive car cover. This car cover is ready to be mowed and hydrated with some water.

3.Crochet Cover

If you don't want to spend money on a car cover, you can always make your own instead. This car cover was created with a pair of crocheting needles. It has an array of colors and patterns. The cover's main downfall is that it has holes, so if it snows or rains, the vehicle will not be fully protected.

4.Fitted Cover

This precise car cover was created by a company named Bless. The company behind this nifty creation is located in Berlin, and they are known for this extremely detailed car cover. Bless created all of the different shapes you can find on an automobile, making this car cover a step above the rest.

5.Trompe-l'oeil Car Cover

This car cover is picture perfect! It was created with a technique called Trompe l'oeil, whichis an art skill that uses realimages to forman optical illusion that the objects drawn are three-dimensional. This cover was created by Maison Martin Margiela, from Paris. The cover is black and white and was constructed from cotton.

6.Patched Car Cover

This patchwork car cover is the cloth version of the vehicle it's covering. Rather than draping over the vehicle, this cover is the perfect fit. The cover was created by Richard James, from London. To make this unique cover, he used the look of traditional bespoke tailoring to create a cover with details of "unfinished" patterns and sewing.

7.Box Car Cover

This black box car cover isn't a genius idea, but it serves its purpose. This is the perfect car cover for the person who's ashamed of their disheveled vehicle. If you are into showing off your 1992 vehicle in 2014, then you can invest in one of these car covers.


8.Bubble Car Cover

This bubble car cover will protect your car from wind, rain, snow and torrential downpours. Not only does this cover shelter the car, but it also covers the area around it. This is a great car cover, but just make sure you don't get stuck in the bubble without an air-hole.

9.Coat Car Cover

This is one way to keep your car warm and unharmed during a snow storm. This car cover was created with a bunch of winter coats. Of course all of the coats aren't the same size or brand, but they all seem to mesh well together. There are more practical uses for old coats, and even though this is an innovative idea, this isn't one of them.


10.Fur Car Cover

This car cover makes you wonder how many snuffleupaguses were slain to create it. The cover is made of either fur or a rug-like substance. It's not the most attractive thing to look at it, but it's definitely creative. If this car gets caught in the rain just once, that car cover will smell worse than a wet dog on a summer's day.

11.Winter Hat Car Cover

This winter hat car cover is fairly innovative. While we humans shield ourselves from the cold, the poor cars of the world have to suffer in the snow and cold. But with this hat covering this vehicle, it should be A-Okay. Hats are supposed to protect you from the cold and cover up bad hair. Sadly, this hat needs to be covered with another hat.


12.Converse Car Cover

If you have a deep admiration for Converse shoes and automobiles, then this car cover should be the first thing on your Christmas Wish List next year. The car cover doesn't say 'Converse' on the side like the shoes, but any sneaker aficionado knows a Converse shoe when they see one.


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