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Creative Ads On Buildings

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 5:30 pm

1.Scary car

This advert must have scared some people until they realized that it is indeed just an advert. It is the kind of thing that is going to just catch your eye and draw your attention to it, so in that respect it is very good and it will certainly be extremely effective at what it is trying to say.

2.The calendar

This is how you use a building to great effect for your marketing campaign because everything just works so well when it comes to the windows being used as a calendar. Surely somebody saw this building before then coming up with the idea because it is difficult to imagine how luck you would need to be to make sure that everything does indeed fit.

3.Wash me!

This basically translates as Wash Me and it is a very clever way to advertise your own detergent company. Yes the people inside the building can still see out, but most importantly you would find it very difficult not to allow yourself to be drawn to this advert as you walk or drive past and that is, after all, the aim of it.

4.The shell

It does not matter what this advert is selling because it is more to do with the way in which it is doing it that is the important part. Everything is just lined up perfectly so it does appear as if the outside wall has managed to fall off this building and you have to admire the person that came up with this idea.

5.Movie effects

This advert for the movie Inception really does make great use of a building, but at least it does it in a couple of clever ways. The fact that they both show some kind of a disaster happening is certainly going to make you intrigued as to what is going to happen with the movie, so it was certainly worth them using such a big advert.

6.Climb that hair

It is perhaps no surprise that there are so many people stopping and looking at this advert because it is not as if you will have ever seen anything like it before. The entire effect is just finished off by the way in which the guy is climbing up the hair and overall it is very effective at what it is supposed to be doing.

7.Using the curves

Can you think of another advert that makes better use of its surroundings than this one? There is no way that they could have used somebody that was seriously fit here because it only makes sense if it is somebody that is overweight as if they have collapsed the roof. A very clever marketing ploy.


8.Hole in the wall

How many people will have walked past this advert and ended up stopping to try and peer into an apparent hole in the wall? The answer has to be that a lot of people have done this and you can kind of understand why when you check out the advert because that is one clever marketing idea.

9.A big refrigerator

It tells you something when the advert is bigger than the building itself because boy is this going to be making a huge statement. The fact that you can then sell space to other companies in order to appear on it is certainly worthwhile from a business point of view as well resulting in something that is not only creative, but also very well done.


10.Clever Coke

This is certainly a clever advert from Coke because the way in which the straws appear to vanish into the windows is certainly very clever indeed. It does make the advert really stand out from the crowd and surely you would feel jealous at not having a straw going into your window?

11.Use of cranes

If you are a gym, then this advert must have been an absolute dream for your company because the way in which you can use fake lines to cranes is just perfect for the image you are trying to put across. This advert had to be this size just to take full advantage of the situation and boy did it manage to do that.


12.Big and bold

You have to admit that this advert is big and bold, but at the same time it is also exceptionally clever in the way it has used the coffee mug and Pepsi symbol to great effect. This does mean that they are going to dominate the area as you just cannot fail to see them.


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