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Creative And Funny Toilet Signs

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 3:54 pm


Hopefully there is a fancy dress shop next to the toilet so you can then wear the appropriate outfit in order to get into the cubicle in the first place. At least it is a bit different from just showing somebody peeing, but what made them settle on Batman and Wonder Woman?


This is the kind of sign where you would feel proud to go and use the toilet just so you could be like the Simpsons. You have to say that it really is a cool sign and it is also very well thought out without it being too over the top and silly.

3.Loud and proud

This is funny because clearly it shows that women need to have their hair slicked back and guys need to pee in two streams in order to get into the toilet in the first place. You do wonder as to what is going on in the minds of some of the people that design these signs.

4.Quite blatant

Well this sign is certainly quite blatant and helpful when it comes to telling you as to the toilet you need to use. The worrying thing here is that you clearly need to levitate when you are female and guys have to pee without holding anything and instead stand with their hands on their hips.


You have to say that this sign is at least them trying to be helpful, but how can you force extra out on one day and then do nothing the next day? Have they really thought this through? What happens if you do need to go tomorrow?

6.Story sign?

The idea of this being in an adults toilet is certainly a bit bizarre. Does this mean that only wolves can go into one of them and if you are female you need to be carrying a basket and wearing a scarf on your head? Where will the rest of us go?

7.Hurry up!!

This sign makes you think that there are people going to the toilet and reading the entire series of Harry Potter books and creating a queue outside. OK you might do it at home, but surely it is obvious that it is the wrong thing to do in public?


8.Harder than you think

This sign is of course going to mean that if you are in a cubicle and somebody does indeed fart that you are going to end up laughing because you have been told not to. There must have been some pretty major chuckles to warrant this sign being made in the first place.

9.Is it required?

This sign makes you wonder how often they caught people standing on toilets because is this a common occurrence somewhere in the world? What did they think they were doing when they were standing there? Had they not been taught how to go to the toilet correctly?


10.Eyes on you

This is pretty clever and it is also funny at the same time. You just know that guys are going to be fighting one another to pee at those that are more positive with their expressions than anything else because you know how sensitive a subject this is going to be.


The worrying thing about this sign is that somebody felt the need to design it in the first place. Who actually goes fishing in the toilet bowl and what is that person in the bottom right actually doing? That is just not natural to be in a public toilet and doing some kind of yoga thing.


12.Ego crusher

This note is going to just destroy any guy that reads it because everybody knows how size is a sensitive matter. Imagine a toilet sign telling you that perhaps that is not as accurate as you thought, but then just look at the mess you are making.


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