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Creative Lessons On European Geography

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 7:48 pm


Well according to this cartoonist, Spain looks like a giant hand with the thumb sticking out and there is some merit to all of this. The big question here is how would you have viewed it if you were doing it?


Well this is certainly something that you would not have been able to imagine because how many people would look at the part of Russia that is in Europe and think it looks like a pig doing the toilet? Ok maybe they have something against Russia.


Is it fair to see Portugal as being a country that is like an insect crawling along? Probably not, but then the country is shaped like it, so perhaps it is closer to the truth than we realize.


Yes Poland looks like a lion that is yawning, but that is not a reflection on the Polish people. Instead, it is just an amusing way to look at the shape of the country although why he chose a lion is unknown.


This should not be a surprise to people because we have all looked at Italy and thought that it was a boot. Indeed, this is an idea that is commented on all over the place, so at least we could come up with this ourselves.


The fact that he has portrayed Greece as being some wise old man kind of makes sense when you think about the philosophers that came from there. At least this one ties in with things we already know about the country.

7.Another dragon

The UK is seen as being another type of dragon, but this one appears to be begging for something whereas Croatia was in full flight. However, it is still a clever interpretation of the country.



Is he saying that the French are as wise as owls here? How does he even start to come up with an explanation as to what you are seeing before you?


Cyprus suddenly looks like a fun country to be in when you see that it is like some kind of flying mouse with the outline. This little guy looks like he is having the absolute time of his life here.



The cartoon interpretation of Croatia is actually very cool indeed because who would not want to live in a country that resembles a dragon? Is it saying anything about the people that live there?


Is this not also very obvious now that you see a kitten at the side? You can almost picture the country playing with a ball of string now such is the amazing resemblance with the outline.


12.Bosnia & Herzegovina

The funniest part in all of this is that you can actually now see where he is coming from with the spaceship when it is sitting beside the outline of the country. It is actually a stroke of genius in coming up with it.


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