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Creative Pencil Sharpeners

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 8:32 am


A whole new slant on sharpeners, which in the past were a little dull and antiquated looking. This Pepsi sharpener adds a whole modernistic artistic appeal to sharpening your pencil.

2.What's For Xmas?

This little reindeer looks as if he is begging for that bit of wood. Don't you think? Does it mean you are now going to have some sadistic pleasure out of shoving that pencil up his butt?

3.Simple and Elegant

This glass ball sharpener is both elegant and practical. The shavings are collected in the ball and almost make it look artier! This is certainly a cool sharpener to have sitting in your futuristic looking office.

4.What's For Lunch

These yummy chocolate sharpeners could make your tummy grumble all day long. They are so lifelike, so do be careful with what you pick up in the dark and needing a snack or you may be in for a surprise.

5.For the Love of Shoes

Perfect for shoe lovers, these gorgeous glass slippers are sharpeners. The dainty accents serve as tiny rubbers. This design is seriously well done and adding in those rubbers is certainly something that more people should consider doing.

6.No Office Screams For This Little Mouse

These colorful mice can lend a cheerful look to any modern office. The only problem is these pencil sharpeners could be collectable and addictive, so do be careful as to who you give them to.

7.Art and the Mundane

This wooden apple sharpener with its red gloss outer coat is quite beautiful. Here you can see the pencil shavings look like apple peel. You have to admit that this design is fantastic, so well done to whoever came up with it.


8.Little Pinocchio

These Pinocchio sharpeners are really cute and what is better is that you can tell when they have been lying! They may be rather simple sharpeners, but boy are they effective and great to look at.

9.The Bride of Chucky

The Chucky's playmate pencil sharpener. Great for those who enjoy a bit of the macabre added to an everyday task! However, keep it away from children because it may be a bit too freaky for them.


10.Useful Nose Picking

This novel pencil sharpener brings a fun aspect to a dull task. Plus if you are annoyed you can always shove it up his nostril and take a great deal of pleasure from shoving it further in.


This adorable little puppy sharpener 'goes catch' and brings you your pencil sharpened! Okay, he doesn't really, but the general idea is there and isn't he quite cute in a strange pencil sharpener kind of way?


12.Ooh! Ouch!

This has to be one of the naughtiest pencil sharpeners out there! It's bound to put a bit of led in your pencil, but who actually comes up with this kind of an idea in the first place?


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