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Cutest Baby Animals

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:24 pm

1.Sweet Little Bats

These little bats are all snug as bugs in a rug. Who knew baby bats could be so cute? Surely if they just stayed like this that the opinion we have of them would completely change in an instant?


It is said that monkeys are our closest counterparts. Baby monkeys are so cute in all ways. The way they swing and climb and also their little cheeky faces. Much like human babies!


Never cuddly or soft but so adorable when elephants are baby elephants. Here this little elephant tries to walk under his mothers watchful eye and it is also quite moving to see how gentle the mother can be when she is so massive to begin with.


Hamsters are little balls of fluff and love. They are also fun to watch like this little guy isn't he just absolutely adorable? See how tiny he is as well and he will not grow that much as an adult either.

5.Baby Hedgehog

This baby hedgehog is all snuggled up and cozy in someone's hand. Hedgehogs are so cute when they are just babies, but then even as an adult they are not that bad either, so perhaps they are just born with cute genes.

6.This Little Piggy Stayed At Home

Baby pigs are so cute and quite intelligent too. Not many realize they make one of the best pets to have even though they can grow up into something that is perhaps not as cute as you hoped.

7.Cutest Kitty

Who didn't know that little baby kittens were cute? This little kitten is probably the cutest and you just know that they will be full of life and get up to all kinds of mischief if left unattended. Altogether now 'Ah!'.


8.Nibble! Nibble! Little Squirrel

Tiny baby squirrels are the cutest with their little fluffy tails and sweetest faces. They move so fast so we are lucky to see a baby squirrel in action, but it is also good that they are so much fun to watch as well.

9.Baby Octopus

This little baby octopus is too cute for words. There he sits looking up at his mom or dad. 'Ah!'. It looks like it would be hard work to make sure he does not get lost once he hits the water?


10.Cutest Baby Chameleons

Baby chameleons are so tiny they can even sit on the end of your finger quite snugly. See the little hands with nails on? They might not be cuddly but they sure are cute.

11.Fluffy Owls

Baby Owls are just the best, it is a mixture of those massive cute eyes and fluffy coat. Plus they are so tiny as well and you just cannot help yourself but to look at them and be amazed at how cute they are.


12.Baby Bunnies

Little bunnies are so cute this little guy just makes you want to go 'Awwh!'. Of course they can grow up into something completely different, but at this age they are undoubtedly a little ball of fun.


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